The Perseverance rover deploys a wind sensor on Mars (video)

The Perseverance rover deploys a wind sensor on Mars (video)

NASA’s Perseverance rover continues to upgrade on the Red Planet.

Since Perseverance’s perfect landing on February 18, the rover team has been methodically checking its seven science instruments and various subsystems. For example, Perseverance just deployed its wind sensor, as seen in the before and after photos captured by the six-wheeled robot’s navigation cameras.

The wind sensor is part of Perseverance’s weather station, called Mars Environmental Dynamics Analyzer (MEDA). The instrument will monitor the air temperature, humidity, radiation, dust and wind upon landing of Perseverance site, the bottom of the Jezero crater, a 45-kilometer-wide hole in the ground that housed a deep lake and river delta in the ancient past.

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Congratulations to the MEDA team! Look at what has just been deployed !! The wind sensor! @estrellasycafe You must be so happy! Find more photos on: # mars2020 1, 2021

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Perseverance, at the heart of NASA’s $ 2.7 billion Mars 2020 mission, will search for signs of life inside Jezero and collect and cache samples for future return to Earth. But this…

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