Thursday, January 26, 2023
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The Space Force has taken over all military satellite communications in a significant step

The Space Force inherited all of the Department of Defense’s military satellite communications capabilities. This is an important step in building a new service.

According to a press release, the Navy and Army have delegated major satellite communications operations to the Space Force, consolidating training, operations, acquisition and other activities. This transfer marks the first time all military satellite communications capabilities have been combined into a single military service.

The military relocation should include $78 million for operations, maintenance and 500 positions, according to a press release. As part of the consolidation, the Army transferred wideband his global SATCOM and defense satellite communications systems to the Space Force in August. According to the Space Force, the Wideband Global SATCOM system is considered “the backbone of the U.S. military’s global satellite communications.”

Delta 8 commander Colonel David Pheasant said that while some were transferred from Fort Carson to Schriever Space Force Base, Colorado, he saw no net job gains in the Springs area. Space Force %.

Previously, military soldiers could have worked as satellite operators for only a few years before moving on to new jobs, he said.

As part of the overall integration, Pheasant expects people trained in space operations to be able to spend their entire careers on space missions. “You can build on that knowledge and share it with others,” he said.

The move of all new Space Force members as part of the consolidation is still underway and is expected to continue until December. May be a member of the military division.

As part of the Space Force’s growing capabilities, Pheasant hopes the service will expand partnerships with other nations. For example, the service could bring payloads to some of Denmark’s satellites, he said.

Expanding capacity in space is important because the military sees increased demand for satellite connectivity in the field, just as demand for data connectivity at home has increased. Each resident may have 5 or more devices he needs to connect to his home. Similarly, a military vehicle in the field may have five different pieces of equipment that require satellite connectivity.

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  • The Space Force has taken over all military satellite communications in a significant step
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