Tuesday, January 31, 2023
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Thieves steal over $1 million worth of gold by digging 10-foot tunnel to SBI bank

On Friday, a terrible bank heist took place in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. On the night between Thursday and Friday, the burglars broke into the State Bank of India (SBI) strongroom in Kanpur using a 10-foot-long tunnel, stealing 1 crore rupees’ worth of gold.

The locker was opened by unidentified intruders using a gas cutter. They shut off the CCTV camera in the strongroom and turned off the alarm system.

According to the police, the burglars built the tunnel, which was around four feet wide, from a vacant site next to the SBI’s Bhanuti branch.

The burglars took approximately 1.8 kg of gold worth about $1 million, according to bank officials.

Vijay Dhull, Deputy Commissioner of Police (West), had suspicions that a bank insider had also been implicated in this crime.

The tunnel was discovered by police and forensic investigators who were looking into the ‘robbery’; it had been dug from an empty plot next to the bank’s safe.

“The crime may have been committed by an insider with the assistance of skilled criminals. We have some leads that could help solve the heist, such fingerprints from the safe, “said Dhull.

According to preliminary investigations, the burglars must have conducted a reconnaissance of the region and must have been acquainted with the architecture and construction of the bank, as well as the strongroom and the gold chest.

According to Police Commissioner BP Jogdand, the crime was discovered on Friday morning when bank employees discovered the gold chest and the entrance to the strongroom had been forced open. He said, “The bank employees also discovered the tunnel through which the criminals had entered the strongroom.”

Senior police officers, forensic specialists, and a dog squad arrived at the bank and started an investigation. Neeraj Rai, the bank’s manager, told the police that the gold belonged to 29 borrowers of loans secured by it.

In this incident, a case has been filed under Section 379 (stealing) of the Indian Penal Code. In a similar incident, robbers dug a 60-meter tunnel to access the SBI branch in Govind Nagar in Kanpur in 1997.

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  • Thieves steal over $1 million worth of gold by digging 10-foot tunnel to SBI bank
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