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This Christmas, web app hacks may cause major security concerns for your company

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Anyone unwrapping new devices this festive season is being urged to make sure all their apps are properly secured following fears that personal and business devices could be at risk. A report from Imperva found that web app attacks on UK businesses have jumped by 251% since October 2019, with the end of the year in the run up to Christmas showing a particular rise. Warning that organisations and consumers alike are at risk of suffering from a `crappy appy` Christmas, the company is now warning users to stay alert over the holidays.

This is also reflected in the rise in data breaches, with a similar report from Imperva suggesting that half (50%) of all data breaches start with web applications. And with over 70% of his web traffic now going through APIs, the risk of a company being compromised only increases. Imperva’s Director of Technology, Peter Klimek, said: “The changing nature of application development itself is also very important.

App attacks
In its report, Imperva studied 4.7 million web application-related cyber security incidents, finding that attacks are increasing, on average, by 22% each quarter, including a particularly worrying 67.9% surge from Q2 2021 to Q3 2021. Remote Code Execution (RCE) and Remote File Inclusion (RFI) attacks, which target businesses` websites and servers to steal information, compromise servers or even takeover websites and modify their content, saw a massive 271% increase, demonstrating the scale of threats businesses face.

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Developments such as the rapid proliferation of APIs and the move to cloud-native computing are beneficial from a DevOps perspective, but for security teams, these changes in application architecture are critical. The changes in , and the accompanying increase in attack surface, have made their job very difficult.”

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  • This Christmas, web app hacks may cause major security concerns for your company
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NewsThis Christmas, web app hacks may cause major security concerns for your...

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