To qualify as ‘scientific’, evidence must be reproducible

To qualify as 'scientific', evidence must be reproducible

In various conversations with journalists leading up to the publication of my new book, ExtraterrestrialI encountered difficulty in going through an essential aspect of the scientific process. The science is based on the reproducibility of results. To believe in a phenomenon, it must be possible to reproduce it as the result of similar circumstances. Stories about one-time miracles are myth-based and might be believed by the public, but they do not stand up to the standards of science.

According to the biblical story of binding of isaac, Abraham heard the voice of God asking him to sacrifice his only son. Today, with a voice memo app on his cell phone, Abraham could have recorded God’s voice and convinced all of mankind to believe in the reality of his experience. But without a recording device, hearsay evidence is not scientifically sufficient.

Even when recording devices are used, one-off events such as “Wow!” or BLC1 radio signals, have questionable scientific value because they cannot be distinguished ambient noise or instrumental dysfunction.

One-off astronomical events such as big Bang, however, are of great value since they allow …

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  • Headline: To qualify as ‘scientific’, evidence must be reproducible
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