Tollywood News – Adivi Sesh looking to make himself a brand

Today Latest Tollywood News Covers – “Adivi Sesh looking to make himself a brand”

Adivi Sesh spoke to a leading media about his great success this year and his future projects. He said, "I've been imagining Goodachari's success for 14 years and I'm glad it's coming true!"

About Bhaagi 3 and the trolls Bhaagi 2 faced: "I do not yet know the Goodachari version in Hindi. I can not confirm anything because I am first building it as a Telugu franchise. I have not seen Bhaagi 2 yet and I can not say what people have felt. The Telugu people normally like the most original and I can understand their point of view, "commented the actor.

He also talked about his successful foreign status in the industry. He said: "Before, I had my own perception and my own apprehensions about nepotism in the film industry. But when you look around you, all other sectors of the industry are struggling with this problem. If a doctor's son is supposed to become a doctor, then why not the son of an actor or his daughter? "

On his future, "I'm happy to be part of three blockbuster movies – Kshanam, Ami Thumi and Goodachari, in the last three years. My main focus is Goodachari 2, which deserves all the public's trust. It's my dream and I will work hard to produce an even better movie, "concluded the actor.



Adivi Sesh seeks to make a mark.

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