Today Latest Tollywood News Covers – “Anthariksham”

Anthariksham is Telugu's first Space film Space and is trying to impress new filmmakers. Can he really do it?

Ground: When an Aboriginal satellite is in trouble, a brilliant team has to assemble and repair it. But they need a brilliant Dev coder (Varun Tej) who knows how to repair the old satellite to join him, so.

Performances: Varun Tej as an actor is not mature enough to handle a character who has to work on the charm but not on the ideal. While the guy presents himself as a stubborn and manipulative person, he must be charming to attract the attention that this story gives him. But he could not give that.

Aditi Rao Hydari is written as Radha to Krishna of Varun waiting for his redemption. This aspect of his character makes him too weak.

Lavanya Tripathi, Rahman, Avasarala Srinivas and Satya Dev are trying to impress. Others are here to fill in the gaps.

Techniques: Gnanasekhar visuals do not have the finesse required by a space film. He could not work in coordination with the VFX department. He failed to give a convincing picture within budget.

Prashanth Vihari marked the BGM with Hans Zimmer in his mind and we can hear it clearly. If he had tried something original, the film would certainly have benefited.

Karthika Srinivas as an editor seems to be happy to follow the screenplay rather than giving something on his own. He should have informed the director of the way things stretched unnecessarily.

Sankalp Reddy as …

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