Today Latest Tollywood News Covers – “KGF likely to emerge Christmas winner”

Nobody expects four films released in Telugu, KGF, to get more positive reviews compared to others. The film was released on December 21 with Padi Padi Leche Manasu, Anthariksham and Maari2.

Maari 2 did not have enough screens because the team decided to release the film in Telugu at the last minute. They have not even promoted it as much as Dhanush's other stars and there is no buzz for the movie.

Padi Padi Leche Manasu had more negative reviews than other movies. Zero is the most polarized movie, few have liked and criticized in the same way. But Sai Pallavi and Sharwanand had more negative reactions due to inconsistent writing and a bad second hour.

Anthariksham understood that even though it could be said that it was a good experience, the film did not take advantage of the unique configuration and the forced emotions made it a huge disappointment.

KGF has proposed more episodes of action than any other film and has tried to maintain the public interest with the establishment of a larger image for the next chapters. Although he was not received with unanimously positive comments, he is comparatively much better spoken than others.

KGF likely to emerge Christmas winner.

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