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The gold fields of Kolar have been the most notorious gold mining areas in the history of Indian politics. The public has always wanted the gold from these mines to be claimed by many criminals. Until the government seizes the war. The film tells this story with Rocky as the epi-center of it all. But does he do well in the narrative? Does it have enough substance to constitute three chapters as announced by the decision makers?

Ground: Ramakrishna Pawan a.k.a Rocky (Yash) was born in 1951 to a girl (Roopa Rayappa) aged 15 and at 10, she died of lung cancer. She asks him not to die like her and to be a criminal if it is necessary, but to die powerful and rich.

As a child, he goes to Bombay and begins to have a sudden urge to make a name for himself. He wants to get under his feet and is so determined that he does not worry about death. He comes to Bangalore after a track of gold and an opportunity. But his rise is not easy and he captured the richest gold mines to rule the world of crime. How he started doing it, it's intrigue.

Performances: Yash as an actor has grown so much that his presence on the screen is enough to carry a film on his shoulders. He does not need much support from the director, but his efforts to convince us to become a monster gangster needed the dedicated team of Prasanth Neel.

Srinidhi Shetty does not have much to do. Vashistha Simha is very little used but it seems to play a bigger role in the next chaptet. Roopa Rayappa is convincing as …

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