Today Latest Tollywood News Covers – “Producers move legally against Ilaiyaraja!”

Producers of the Tamil film industry have decided to file a lawsuit against Ilaiyaraja 's claims that he and his singers collect royalties each time that they' re going to pay royalties. they use his songs for commercial purposes. He has been fighting for this problem for 5 years.

Recently, his company even sent legal advice to SP Balasubramanyam, who was angry and decided not to sing the composer's songs on stage. Recently, he withdrew from this decision and asked all his organizers to pay in front of all the royalties required by the composer.

At present, the producers have decided to oppose the claim of the intellectual property rights by the composer and the singers. They say that tomorrow, writers, actors and all parts of a movie will ask for similar rights, while Producer is the person who should have all the rights.

They said that they are the people who hired them to create and they even paid everyone nice sums. Thus, if Raja receives a fee, they should get 50% of each rupee, otherwise the concept of intellectual property should not exist, they say. They argued this argument in the courts and started proceedings against Ilaiyaraja. We have to wait for the court's reaction now



Producers act legally against Ilaiyaraja! .

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