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Top 8 Linux File Backup Apps

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Regular data backups are crucial whether it’s a server or a local machine. Check out these eight file backup applications for Linux.

Operating systems are becoming better at avoiding fatal system crashes, which result in data losses. Nevertheless, since such losses are inevitable, enterprises and general users need to ensure maximum data security via regular data backups.

The availability of cheap storage and affordable tech has enabled people to become tech-savvy. Despite the levels of technological advancements, people always prefer to use the old, tried-and-tested backup methods to safeguard their data against any potential data losses.

Here are the top eight apps best suited for enterprise and general users to backup their system files.

1. Bacula

The Best Enterprise Backup Solutions for Linux
These enterprise-level backup applications are perfect for small, medium, and large-scale businesses.

Bacula is an open-source Linux-based backup tool that offers an interactive user interface. The application caters to enterprise-level tasks involving large volumes of data. It can sync data from different networks, and the data scheduler is a handy offering for end users. Eventually, the scheduler automates the entire data backup process.

As an end-user, all you need to do is set the backup frequency, and Bacula will do the rest on the server. It is equipped with various interfaces for administrators to interact easily with the platform. TLS authentication, duplicate job control, and virtual backups are a few other handy features that Bacula brings to the table.

First, update your system using APT: sudo apt-get update -y
Then, install MySQL Server:

sudo apt-get install mysql-server
In the end, install the Bacula package using APT: sudo apt-get install bacula -y
You will need to configure the directory before you can start using Bacula to save your files.

2. UrBackup UrBackup is another open-source server backup tool that supports Windows, macOS, and Linux. This app is a perfect choice for server backups as it uses a mixture of image and file backups to ensure data security and swift restorations.

UrBackup’s web interface shows all essential information such as client status, recent activities, and valuable stats. It offers backup support through CD and USB drives. This app sends backup reports to the administrators and ensures an efficient and seamless data backup process. The software sends email notifications to the administrator if the backup is pending for a specific amount of time. Speedy restorations and multi-platform support make it an apt app for enterprises.

Before installing UrBackup, update your system’s repository list. sudo apt-get update -y
Then, add the official UrBackup repository to your system.

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