Town of Asheboro Street and Business Improvements

Town of Asheboro Street and Business Improvements

ASHEBORO, NC – Unspoiled clothing shelves and no customers in sight put the brakes on business at Nella Boutique.

“You don’t really know there is a boutique here unless you go to the restaurants nearby or know about Nella Boutique,” ​​said Gina Mckee.

Church Street is empty with very little activity from shoppers on parts of Sunset Avenue, which is not far away. Mckee opened his store four years ago. Due to its location, it is difficult to attract customers, which is why she had to get creative.

“Having a little frontage on the road caught people’s attention and that’s where we put our sales signs just to get people to come this way,” Mckee said.

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The city of Asheboro has had a study carried out which requires the addition of sidewalks, the addition of exterior structures such as awnings and canopies. These improvements …

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