Tourists Capsize Gondola in Venice Trying to Take Selfies, No Injuries Reported

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Tourists capsize gondola in Venice trying to take selfies

  • A group of tourists in Venice capsized their gondola while attempting to take selfies, causing the gondolier and tourists to fall into the canal.
  • The incident, captured on social media, occurred when the tourists stood up and moved around, throwing off the boat’s center of gravity.
  • No injuries were reported, but one cell phone was lost during the mishap.
  • Venice has been implementing measures to regulate overtourism and bad tourist behavior, including charging a day-tripper fee for visitors during peak times.
  • Tourists capsize gondola in Venice trying to take selfies

    A group of tourists in Venice went for an unexpected dip on Sunday when they capsized their gondola. A video of the incident on social media shows the gondola completely upside down after the tourists stood up and attempted to snap selfies. The tourists are seen scrambling in the freezing water near a bridge along the Rio de la Verona canal.

    Sanitary concerns and preservation efforts

    Unfortunately, the canal water the tourists swam in is far from sanitary. The canals are cleaned about every decade or so and are full of human waste and trash. The city of Venice has been working to preserve its UNESCO World Heritage status and combat over-tourism by implementing measures such as day-tripper fees for visitors.

    Impact on the gondola and tourists

    The Venice Gondola Association reported that there was no damage to the gondola, although the chairs and blankets were soaked. While no injuries were reported, the incident serves as a reminder of the importance of following safety instructions and being mindful of the impact of tourist behavior on historic sites and local infrastructure.

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