Wednesday, October 20, 2021

TTAC Rocks… and Rolls

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About a week ago I was in Tennessee, Volkswagen ID.4 test. Simply blow up some country music on satellite radio because I was in Tennessee, and it hit me. You may be wondering if TTAC staff will play music during the test.

But only occasionally. When testing, I always mute the radio for at least a while. This allows you to hear wind / road / tire noise and feel how quiet the cabin is. But at other times, I’m crazy about different genres of music. And so is the rest of the staff.

After all, automakers love to market premium audio systems available in their cars. This, of course, means we lock out from time to time.

Chris and I are the most common test cars, so he and I agreed to share our tastes with you. I asked other people, they were moms. There is no way to determine if that means someone is secretly a nickelback fan and afraid to admit it.

I will go first. As I said, when I test, I mute the radio for at least a short time. When it comes to song time, I’m everywhere and I don’t have playlists set up like Chris (see below). I like most genres of rock, from classic to classic, southern and pop rock.


As for satellite radio, I wander the dial from channel 24 (Margarita Building) to 34 (Lithium), sometimes a little up and down.

I’m the only one who has seen both Jimmy Buffett and Metallica many times at concerts. In addition to being a parrot’s head, I’m also a little deadhead. Speaking of heads, I also love Talking Heads.

Paul Simon, The Who, John Mellencamp, Lynyrd Skynyrd – everything is part of the mix. I listen to Arcade Fire radio a lot on Pandora so I don’t think all my musical tastes are Boomerific. Of course, I’m a 90’s kid. In other words, the alternative block is big. From the Foo Fighters to Everclear, Green Day, and the ska stuff that hit the air at the time (Goldfinger, Reel Big Fish, Mighty Mighty Bossstone), in Chicago between 1994 and 2000. If I had Q101 FM, I was probably crazy about it.

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  • TTAC Rocks… and Rolls
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