Under the “nuisance businesses” law, some people want the gas station closed

Under the “nuisance businesses” law, some people want the gas station closed

Following a man’s death there earlier this week, residents of a neighbourhood in north Baltimore are demanding that the gas station be closed.

“Before he could respond, someone fired out the entire window of the petrol station from a position roughly where we are. It is currently boarded up because of this. Unfortunately, he was immediately shot and died “explained Jamar Day, a neighbourhood activist and Stevenson’s nephew.

On Saturday night, a protest and vigil were held at the BP petrol station in the Northwood Commons Shopping Center. The boarded-up window where Al Stevenson was shot now has signs on it. In order to reduce the amount of violence in their neighbourhood, people are demanding for the closure of the petrol station.

Day claimed that when someone fired a shot through the gas station window, his 56-year-old uncle was purchasing a pack of smokes.

The locals said that the petrol station is a “epicentre of crime” and that they want to see it permanently shut down. Baltimoreans, according to Day, merit better.

“(He) was just a bystander, innocent. This petrol station must be removed. How many people will truly suffer harm before someone says enough is enough? stated Stevenson’s friend Clara Bailey.

There is a Baltimore City Code that allows us to padlock obnoxious establishments that continue to suppress crime and encourage it. In the past 90 days, 81 reports of criminal conduct have been made to this company.

It thereby satisfies that requirement. It’s up to Commissioner Michael Harrison in this city to actually put a stop to it by enforcing the padlock statute, Day added.

A stop to the violence goes beyond the call to action at this gathering, according to Keith Holt, one of several neighbourhood leaders present. Holt has lived in the region all of his life. “We really need to address the underlying problems, such as why this issue exists. You are aware that if one gas station in the city is closed, customers may switch to another. So truly, we need to investigate what is happening, said Holt, who is also a committee member for the 43rd District of the Baltimore City Democratic State Central Committee.

When Stevenson was killed, a 22-year-old guy was also discovered shot at the petrol station.
Detectives looking the homicides have requested anyone with information to contact the police.

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  • Under the “nuisance businesses” law, some people want the gas station closed
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