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Unsafe Cartridge Run PlayStation Games on Game Boy Advance

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Rodrigo Alfonso lacks in shooting bright video, he makes up for in good hardware hacking skills. Using custom cartridges, this unmodified 20-year-old Game Boy Advance can actually run his 3D PlayStation games at full speed, bringing the 16-bit handheld into his 32-bit era. Of all consoles ever released, none have been hacked more aggressively than the Game Boy Advance. You can easily find parts to upgrade everything from your GBA screen to your speakers to your battery to even your entire case, so you can customize it with any design or color scheme you want.

Even with a 3D printed body and some considerable refinements since the idea was announced a few months ago, Alfonso’s custom emulation cartridge, while still bulky when it comes to the GBA wagon, has turned the GBA itself into an all-in-one. wearable cleverly used as his display. and a controller. One of the best features of the GBA was the ability to connect two handhelds for multiplayer gameplay, even when the actual game cartridges were only in one system.

The same applies to his game. Don’t want to carry around an entire stack of cartridges. With microSD storage for hundreds of games, the MultiCart lets you move your entire collection at once. This is the approach taken by Alfonso here. You can upgrade the GBA as much as you like, but assuming you’re still using the standard Nintendo-developed motherboard, it’s never going to be powerful enough to play his 3D games the same as his original PlayStation. So Alfonso’s solution was to offload all game processing and rendering to a custom his cartridge housing his Raspberry Pi 3 with PlayStation emulator.

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Hackers have long understood how this multiboot feature works, and Alfonso used it to allow him to stream a 240 x 160 video stream ( limited resolution of the GBA screen). Alfonso also shared a video showing how the whole thing was built. The custom his code needed to run on the GBA itself can be downloaded from his GitHub page. The custom cartridge works with his Advance Gameboy unmodified, but his GBA featured in these videos has his two upgrades. Improves streaming frame rates and playability of setups.

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  • Unsafe Cartridge Run PlayStation Games on Game Boy Advance
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