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Is Jewel’s rendition of the Indy 500 national anthem the best or worst?

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Jewel performed the national anthem before the 2023 Indianapolis 500, and fan reactions were mixed. Some fans called it the best they’ve ever seen, while others thought it was mangled. The opening ceremonies also included a flyover by four F-16 Vipers from New Mexico’s Holloman Air Force Base. Fans can watch a replay of Jewel’s performance and see what others had to say about it. The Indy 500 is known for its raw emotions, and the tire that hit one fan’s car during the race was thought to be a prank at first.

On May 29th, 2023, multiplatinum singer Jewel performed the national anthem before the Indianapolis 500 race, and the fan reaction was mixed. Fans called the performance everything from “the best I’ve ever seen” to “mangled.” Despite the divided opinions, the opening ceremonies were a spectacle to behold.

As part of the opening ceremonies, Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico sent four F-16 Vipers to perform a flyover of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The flyover was a breathtaking sight, and the roar of the jets added to the excitement of the day.

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For those who missed Jewel’s performance, a replay is available on YouTube. The video shows Jewel standing on the track, dressed in a black and white gown, with a microphone in hand. As she begins to sing, the crowd falls silent, and the camera pans over the sea of people in the stands.

The video also includes fan reactions to the performance, which were mixed. Some praised Jewel’s beautiful voice, while others criticized the way she sang the anthem. One fan commented, “I’ve heard better karaoke singers at my local bar.” Another said, “Jewel did a great job! I loved the way she put her own spin on the anthem.”

Regardless of the mixed reactions, Jewel’s performance was a memorable moment in the history of the Indianapolis 500. The national anthem is an important part of any sporting event, and it’s always interesting to see how different artists interpret it.

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In addition to the national anthem and flyover, the opening ceremonies included a tribute to the veterans and active-duty military members in attendance. The crowd cheered as the veterans and military members stood and waved to the crowd.

The Indianapolis 500 is known for its pageantry and tradition, and the 2023 race did not disappoint. From the opening ceremonies to the checkered flag, the race was a thrilling spectacle that showcased the best of American motorsports.

Basically, Jewel’s performance of the national anthem at the 2023 Indianapolis 500 was a memorable moment for fans, with mixed reactions to her rendition of the song. However, the entire opening ceremony was a spectacle to behold, including the flyover by the F-16 Vipers and the tribute to veterans and military members. The Indianapolis 500 is a true American tradition, and the 2023 race was a thrilling spectacle that showcased the best of American motorsports. You can watch Jewel’s performance on YouTube, and Citing USA Today, it was a moment that will be remembered for years to come.

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