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Kim Kardashian Shines in ‘American Horror Story: Delicate’ Despite Lackluster Season

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Kim Kardashian is a campy delight in ‘American Horror Story: Delicate’

  • Ryan Murphy brings back viewers with Season 12 of “American Horror Story” featuring Kim Kardashian
  • Kardashian plays a significant role in the latest installment centered around a young woman who may be pregnant with Satan’s spawn
  • The new season falls flat with an exhausted riff on “Rosemary’s Baby” and lackluster performances
  • Kardashian shines with her clever portrayal of Anna’s concerned publicist, delivering ruthless one-liners
  • Kim Kardashian is a campy delight in ‘American Horror Story: Delicate’

    Ryan Murphy has managed to lure viewers back into the world of “American Horror Story” with Season 12, titled “Delicate,” and the addition of Kim Kardashian. While the new season falls short with its tired take on “Rosemary’s Baby” and lackluster performances, Kardashian shines with her campy portrayal of Anna’s concerned publicist. Her delivery of ruthless one-liners adds a much-needed spark to the otherwise lackluster premiere episode.

    Exhausted Riff on “Rosemary’s Baby”

    Unfortunately, Season 12 of “American Horror Story” fails to bring anything new to the table with its exhausted riff on “Rosemary’s Baby.” The familiar tropes and predictable plot points make it feel like a rehash of countless other horror movies. Emma Roberts and Matt Czuchry’s performances lack chemistry, and the writing fails to elevate their characters beyond one-note stereotypes.

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    Kim Kardashian’s Campy Performance

    However, amidst the disappointment, Kim Kardashian delivers a campy and delightful performance as Anna’s concerned publicist, Siobhan. Embracing her Valley girl persona, Kardashian cleverly eviscerates everyone from Hilary Swank to the directors of “Everything Everywhere All at Once.” Her ruthless one-liners and dry humor inject much-needed energy into the otherwise lackluster premiere episode.

    In view of all the above, “American Horror Story: Delicate” may not live up to its potential, but Kim Kardashian’s campy portrayal is a standout in an otherwise unremarkable season. Her presence brings a much-needed spark to the series, and viewers can look forward to her clever and entertaining performance as the season unfolds.

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