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Use of the Fun Mode for Samsung Galaxy A phones powered by Snapchat has reached 2.5 billion times

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Snapchat and Samsung have a unique partnership. The Galaxy A-series camera app featured Snapchat’s AR Lenses last year in a “Fun Mode,” and this year Snap was able to take advantage of the Galaxy S22’s potent computational photography features (also Instagram and TikTok, this has been expanded to older Galaxy flagships too).

Samsung and Snapchat have developed localized experiences too. Last year there were region-specific lenses in India, now there are bespoke lenses for Brazil, Germany, Indonesia, Mexico and the Philippines. The two companies are cooking up new experiences too.Snapchat-powered Fun Mode for Samsung Galaxy A phones has been used 2.5 billion times.

Fun Mode has proven to be a success – it has been used 2.5 billion times since launch (in the period March 15, 2021 to August 22, 2022, based on data from Snap). This AR mode was initially available on select Galaxy A-series phones and has since expanded to some Galaxy F and M series models.

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“Galaxy users are constantly seeking new ways to express their creativity,” says Woncheol Chai, EVP and Head of Experience Planning Team at Mobile eXperience Business, Samsung Electronics. “Samsung is constantly innovating to empower users to do more of what they love. That is why we continue to grow our partnership with Snap, one of the biggest and most creative augmented reality platforms, so we can explore further improvements and bring one of the best camera experiences to more users.”

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  • Use of the Fun Mode for Samsung Galaxy A phones powered by Snapchat has reached 2.5 billion times
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NewsUse of the Fun Mode for Samsung Galaxy A phones powered by...
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