Tuesday, January 31, 2023
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Victims assert Despite his good looks, the contractor was a swindler who only took the money

A charming contractor left a trail of devasted, impoverished victims asking for compensation.

She contacted Red’s General Contracting, whom she believed to be a reliable contractor, when she discovered a leak and realised the siding needed to be repaired.

Patricia Uhde cherishes her house in Davison Township. She’s appreciative and put her heart and her into her dream house because she grew up in a lower-income family on Flint’s north side.

“I requested a quote. He immediately approached me, a nice guy, and said he could fit me in “said Uhde. “I wrote him a check for $3,500, paid him half, and was overjoyed to have the work completed.”

“I’m speaking with him. His voicemail is full, he isn’t calling, and he won’t pick up the phone “explained Uhde.

She said that Jacob McCandlish, the contractor, never showed up to complete the work. Instead, she received the runaround and numerous excuses for more than a year.

After being denied a refund, she reported the incident to the police and launched a legal case. Red’s General Contracting employees weren’t the only ones searching for McCandlish besides Uhde.

McCandlish and Red’s General Contracting was engaged by Amy Waddington and her husband to construct a pole barn. They gave him a deposit of $40,500 on January 23, 2022.

Amy claimed that McCandlish stole their money and disappeared. Waddington stated, “I said we want our money back in April. Then, excuse after excuse, “hit the fan,” as they say.

Waddington didn’t stop there; she and her husband also reported the incident to the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office. Waddington stated: “I sent out a Facebook blitz, saying $500 if you find this guy and bring him to me so I can have him arrested.

Despite never having met, the two ladies grew close as a result of their desperation to stop McCandlish and spare others from becoming victims. “When will I see my money? Most likely not. I really don’t want anyone else to experience this, “Waddington stated.

McCandlish could not be reached for comment since his work phone number has been disconnected and his email address is no longer active. Additionally, he is no longer employed with Red’s General Contracting, which is located in Davison at 8021 N. State Road.

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  • Victims assert Despite his good looks, the contractor was a swindler who only took the money
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