Violence in video games appears in the latest episode of ‘Home with the Robertsons’


Willie added the games their kids were allowed to play were also age-appropriate. “I’ve never really been a big fan of video games,” Korie explained. “The other thing I struggle with is the violence in video games. I just feel like you’re literally training to kill somebody.”

“They were playing something that was rated higher than their age, like Grand Theft Auto…that was a ban,” he said. But Trinidad pointed out that if parents monitor the violence their children see in video games, then it should include everything their kid’s view.

“We definitely moderated our kid’s playtime. All the gaming had to take place in a common area,” she added. “I think it’s important as parents that we pay attention to what our kids are watching and playing.” “You’ve got to question movies too and then you’re going to question really anything,” she noted. “I think everything in moderation. It’s important that kids know this is the video game world and this is what you can do here and this is what’s different from reality.”

“As our kids were growing up, my main concern was the violence in video games because I saw it progressively get worse and worse and more realistic,” Korie said. “I just don’t know how that’s going to affect our young people.” Korie pointed out that over the years, she noticed that the violence in games was escalating.

“The newest Mortal Kombat, the fatalities…I think that’s the first time I’ve seen brains,” Trinidad said.  She stressed that some of the latest video games are gruesome and disturbing.

Korie noted that the ratings on video games are an element that parents shouldn’t overlook. “In a video game, you’re actually doing it…your fingers are pulling the trigger and literally gonna blow someone’s brains out,” Willie said.  Willie and Korie discussed the realization of video games and how some players could relate the game to real life. 

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