Vivaldi for Android menu bar customization

Vivaldi for Android menu bar customization

The latest update to Vivaldi for Android gives you more freedom and flexibility to use the browser in your own way. You can now edit the menu bar to include the functions you use most often and have quick access to them. He also made his website logging more secure in certain cases by adding support for hardware key authentication. Search suggestions no longer appear below the address bar as you type to save valuable screen real estate. We’ve also added a new private search engine,, to expand your web search options.

We are now extending this customization option to the Android browser to allow editing of the menu bar. Easily rearrange, add, or remove features you need or use frequently to customize the menu bar to suit your unique workflow. Choose from two menu bar presets or create your own custom menu bar with up to five items. We don’t just want to make browsing more enjoyable and productive. We want to help make it safer. So in this Vivaldi update, we have implemented support for hardware key authentication.

Available for Android phones, tablets, Chromebooks, and cars, the new version of Vivaldi – Vivaldi 5.6 now automatically focuses the address field and shows the keyboard to type or go. We recently became the first browser with a Mastodon instance with the launch of Vivaldi Social. It was also the first browser to integrate Mastodon into the desktop version. For Android, we’ve added Vivaldi Social Speed ​​Dial for easy access to our services. Vivaldi aims to give you complete freedom to customize and customize your browser to suit your needs. That’s why our desktop version has a fully customizable menu.

As you know, two-factor authentication helps prevent unauthorized logins and protects your account if someone gets your password. Using a hardware security key that plugs into your USB-C port provides an extra layer of protection against password cracking. Hardware security keys (also known as security keys, U2F keys, or physical security keys) feature public key encryption and better protect your online accounts. With more and more websites moving to this technology to implement 2FA and multi-factor authentication, we wanted to be able to use our keys while browsing Vivaldi.

As more and more people are looking for alternative social media options, we want to support social media for better ones. That’s why we launched Vivaldi Social, a new Mastodon instance for members of the Vivaldi community and beyond. Vivaldi 5.6 for Android gives you even faster access to Vivaldi Social via your browser. Just tap the new Vivaldi Social Speed ​​Dial. As a Vivaldi user, you can log into your Vivaldi Social instance using your Vivaldi account credentials.

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