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Potential Tropical System Forms off Florida, Bringing Days of Heavy Rain and Coastal Flooding

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Tropical system tries to develop off Florida.

  • A potential tropical disturbance could form off the southeastern U.S. coast this weekend.
  • The area of disturbed weather will likely bring heavy rain, gusty winds, and dangerous rip currents from Florida to the Carolinas and into parts of the mid-Atlantic.
  • A stalled front in Florida is causing days of rain and could lead to the formation of a tropical or subtropical cyclone later this week.
  • Hurricane Nigel is spinning through the Atlantic while another disturbance is likely to develop off of Africa.
  • Tropical system tries to develop off Florida

    Florida is facing the possibility of a tropical system forming off its coast this week. A stalled front in the state has resulted in days of heavy rain, and computer models suggest that a tropical or subtropical cyclone could develop along this front. While it is still too early for specific details, residents are advised to stay updated with the latest information from Hurricane HQ.

    Hurricane Nigel joined by another tropical disturbance

    Hurricane Nigel continues to move through the Atlantic, reaching its peak intensity. Meanwhile, another disturbance is expected to form off the coast of Africa later this week or over the weekend. Both systems should be closely monitored for any potential impacts.

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    First fall storm to sweep across America this week

    A potent storm is forecasted to sweep across the central United States, bringing heavy rain to some areas. Additionally, the highest elevations of the northern Rocky Mountains may experience some snowfall. This storm will provide many places with their first true taste of fall weather.

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