Thursday, January 26, 2023
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WFAA’s Right On The Money: 2022 Special

Our Right on the Money stories in 2022 featured so many eye-opening and insightful moments that we decided to aggregate them into our first-ever hour-long Right on the Money Special, which featured some of the most watched ROTM reports of the year.

At the car showroom, forced financing
In 2022, we all fell victim to “forced financing” at the car dealership. But it all began with our initial revelation in 2021 about a practise that many dealers seem to be adopting as a strategy of gaining popularity: asking that you use their lenders if you want to buy their vehicle.

Here are all the episodes that were included in the special, along with the links that lead to additional material because there is always more information in the web articles than we can fit into the individual portions on television.

What happens to our old cell phones?
We’ve been replacing a lot of our outdated technology with newer, more durable, more glitzier dazzling items. However, we discovered during a tour of a phone processing facility that our rejected items receive a completely new life after being traded in.

Maintaining your car insurance and your car receipts!
How much auto insurance do you have? Do you save priceless auto-related receipts? You might not give these things much thought.

Peer-to-peer payments’ dangers
Although there are many alliterations there, the danger is present. (Excuse me for more alliteration.) When sending money to another person electronically, many people have made catastrophic mistakes. Making mistakes while paying this method is just as simple as paying this way.

Toyota’s tour
This year, we felt the urge to take Right on the Money out of the studio and into the road. One significant destination was the Toyota North American headquarters in Plano, where we had a VIP tour and inquired as to the potential timing of a pickup sales recovery. We also pondered the potential impact on the sector of new electric vehicle incentives.

On many auto dealership lots, the (new) fix for select Kia vehicles in 2022 was characterised by a dearth of stock. However, we learned that a number of cars at various Kia dealerships had been left there by owners of the brand who were hoping for a free fix for what may otherwise be a costly issue.

A prominent Texas senator is drawn to the topic of coerced financing at the dealership.
For more than a year, we have been publishing a series of papers on coerced financing. And now Texas Senator Royce West, who intends to address the issue at the forthcoming 2023 Texas legislative session, has given it his entire attention. However, the senator insists that he urges people who go through this to get in touch with their state representatives and lodge formal complaints with the Office of Consumer Credit Commissioner. With (another) chilly outlook and (new) concerns about the Texas energy grid, the “secret” to mitigating damage
With low temperatures predicted and early worries about whether the electric infrastructure will be able to manage all the demand, something it tragically failed to do in 2021, we are beginning to see echoes of February 2021 as the end of 2022 draws near. You may acquire a cheap tool that can prevent a terrible condition in your home from growing much worse when temps drop, even though you can’t make the grid hold up.

Thousands of dollars and years might be saved by paying off your mortgage early.
It may sound too good to be true, but if your lender and budget permit it, you may be able to significantly reduce the time and money it takes to pay off your mortgage by simply changing the way you make your mortgage payments. Make sure to pay attention to the beneficiary story if you only pay attention to one in this entire special!
One of the tasks that many of us seldom consider about is naming beneficiaries. Or, we do give it a brief moment of thought and decide that we’ll take care of it later. This study explains why it is crucial to act right away!

Press record to capture everything you do at home!
Have you recently recorded your possessions—speaking about things you might never consider—? or at all? Most likely, you haven’t. However, as this study explains, it might be of great use to you in the event that a tragedy strikes your house or flat (and we know those happen a lot in Texas). buying organically versus conventionally
We examined the occasionally startling price gap between organic and non-organic fruit earlier this year.

From the creators of Tiff’s Treats, a Baker’s Dozen (13) of business advice!
This is a farewell gift for all of the businesspeople out there, many of whom were in Texas during the outbreak. We sat down with Tiff’s Treats’ creators, who are from Dallas-Fort Worth, to discuss how they got started and how they became so successful. The top 13 pieces of advice they have for other business-minded people who want to follow their entrepreneurial goals were also given to us.

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