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What are the most valuable PS2 games? (& Why)

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What PS2 Games Are Worth The Most Money (& Why)
The PlayStation 2 had a plethora of games come out during its life cycle, and some of these games cost a large amount for collectors to own today.

Rule of Rose Kuon Most Expensive PS2 Games
The PlayStation 2 console had a massive amount of video games available for players to enjoy during its life cycle, and some of these titles still sell for very expensive prices. The PS2 console came out in 2000 and was extremely popular in the gaming community, becoming the most sold video game console in history with over 155 million units distributed worldwide. The sale of so many consoles also led to a multitude of incredible games, with some PlayStation 2 titles still being popular today.


Some PlayStation 2 titles have become collector’s items in the gaming community, with prices fluctuating rapidly depending on the rarity of the game and overall demand by collectors. While a majority of older PlayStation 2 games can be purchased for relatively cheap, there are a select few that will sell for a large amount of money.

Here are some of the most expensive and sought-after PlayStation 2 games today, and what causes them to be so expensive in the first place.

How The PS2 Became The Best-Selling Console Of All Time

Rule Of Rose On PS2 Price

Rule of Rose is a survival horror game in the vein of Silent Hill that was released in 2006, taking place during the 1930s and following the journey of a woman named Jennifer as she becomes caught in an alternate dimension that is ruled by a group of young girls called the Red Crayon Aristocrats. This game is usually one of the most expensive PlayStation 2 titles today, with a brand-new copy of the game selling for around $1200 according to Price Charting and a loose disc selling for $411.

Rule of Rose is likely in such high demand due to the controversy surrounding the game in Europe, with rumors circulating that there were elements of intense violence and sexual situations involving the children characters in the game. These rumors had no truth to them, but the game was eventually banned in the United Kingdom, which could explain why prices on Rule of Rose are so high today. Kuon PS2 Game Price

Kuon is another survival horror video game that was released in 2004, set in ancient Japan and following three different protagonists as they fight horrific enemies across three separate timelines. A brand-new copy of the game, according to Price Charting, can cost upwards of $1ooo, while used copies of the game sell for around $400 with no case and $800 with a case. RELATED:
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Demand for Kuon is high due to a number of factors, with the most prominent being that it was developed by FromSoftware, the studio behind the Dark Souls franchise. Other factors in play are the poor sales numbers of Kuon outside of Japan, as well as a very limited release that makes copies of Kuon all the more rare. Haunting Ground PS2 Game Price

Continuing the trend of extremely rare PS2 survival horror games is Capcom’s Haunting Ground, which came out in 2005 and follows protagonist Fiona as she wakes in a terrifying castle and has to try and escape the many horrors within. A new copy of the game goes for around $920, while a used copy of the game with packaging sells at around $390, according to Price Charting. This PS2 game is so expensive due to Haunting Ground’s rarity, as it gained mixed reviews and didn’t establish a large enough audience to sell many copies. Although the game was praised for having good graphics and the buddy partner mechanic involving a dog companion, Haunting Ground was criticized for not doing enough to differ from the pack of survival horror games, which in turn led to low distribution and sales, and caused the title to become a collector’s item worth a large amount.

.Hack//Quarantine PS2 Game Price
hack Quarantine Characters Fighting An Enemy
.hack//Quarantine is the final game in the .hack series, a huge Japanese franchise published by Bandai Namco that also reaches into anime and manga outside of the video games. hack//Quarantine continues the storyline that was set up in the previous games, with a computer virus causing the shutdown of the Internet until an MMORPG titled The World gets released, completely changing the course of the world. Rarity of hack//Quarantine on PlayStation 2 lends itself to the high price noted on Price Charting, with the disc costing around $227 by itself and a new edition going for $405. NEXT:
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