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What is focus mode in iOS 15 and how do I use it? (2021)

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With never-ending alerts and frequent phone calls, it becomes hard to concentrate and focus on the task at hand. While iOS already offered ways to keep unnecessary phone calls and notifications at bay, there wasn’t a centralized feature to let users control alerts from one convenient spot – up until now. With iOS 15, you can use Focus mode on your iPhone or iPad to minimize distractions and concentrate on the things that matter to you. Whether you want to dive deep into gaming without any interference, sleep with complete peace of mind, or binge-watch TV series on Netflix, read on to learn what is Focus mode and how to use it in iOS 15 and iPadOS 15.

To get going, let’s first learn what exactly is Focus mode in iOS 15 and how it works for iPhone and iPad users. Then, we will explain how to create different types of custom Focus modes, including one for gaming, reading, work, and many others, depending on your needs. So let’s dive right in.

How to Use Focus Mode in iOS 15 on iPhone and iPad (2021)

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What Is Focus Mode in iOS 15 and iPadOS 15?
Focus mode in iOS 15 aims to help you concentrate on the things that matter to you by getting rid of all the distractions like unwanted app notifications and phone calls. You can consider Focus mode as the more expanded form of Do Not Disturb mode that has existed in Apple’s mobile OS for several years.

Silence Notifications: Focus mode silences all the notifications except those you allow.
Don’t Miss Out: All important people are allowed to send notifications without any restrictions so that you can catch up with important things.
Share a Status: Your Focus status informs apps and people that you have silenced notifications. If people try to message you while Focus mode is turned on, they will see a message saying you have notifications silenced.
focus mode in ios 15

To ensure you don’t miss out on important alerts and stay committed to your task, it uses four effective principles:

Turn On Automatically: For a simplified experience, iOS 15 automatically turns on your created focus at a set time, location, or while using an app so that you don’t have to enable focus mode manually.
What Type of Focus Modes Can You Create on iPhone and iPad?
For enhanced control, Apple has included both sleep tracking and Do Not Disturb in Focus mode. So, apart from creating a focus for your work or personal tasks, you can also fine-tune DND and sleep tracking right from inside the Focus mode.

As to what type of focus modes you can create on your iOS 15 device, it all depends on your needs and the tasks you want to take on with the desired concentration. Here are the focus modes you can create in iOS 15:

Do Not Disturb
Custom (enables you to better adjust the Focus mode in iOS 15 as per your needs)
Thanks to seamless syncing, your created focus mode is shared across all of your Apple devices linked with the same iCloud account. That means when you turn on your Focus Mode on your iPhone, it will automatically be enabled on your iPad, Mac, and even the Apple Watch as well. What Sort of Customization Does Focus Mode in iOS 15 Offer?
Probably the best part about Focus mode is that it is fully customizable. If you ever feel the need to tweak your focus, you can choose to allow/ disallow any apps from sending notifications. Besides, you can even customize the home screen pages, dim lock screen, and hide notification badges when Focus mode is turned on.

For better control over apps that have requested to share your Focus Status, Focus mode lets you stop apps from seeing your Focus Status. So, if you ever happen to put privacy over everything else, you can take advantage of this essential feature to hide your status. And when a focus becomes unnecessary, you will be able to delete it. How to Create a New Custom Focus Mode in iOS 15 on iPhone and iPad
Now that you know you can create a focus mode for all sorts of purposes, let’s learn how to create a new focus mode in iOS 15.

Open the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad and choose Focus.
Choose Focus
2. Now, tap on the “+” button at the top right corner of the screen. Tap on the + button
Note: Alternately, you can access Focus modes from the Control Center. Swipe down from the top right and find the “Focus” tile. After that, long-press and hold the Focus tile to expand, and tap on the New Focus (+) button.

New Focus
3. On the next screen, select a focus to get started. You have multiple options to choose from – driving, fitness, gaming, or custom. If you want to focus on something else, tap on “Custom” and then name your focus. For the purpose of this guide, I’m going to choose the gaming option. As steps are identical, you can choose any option depending on your needs. What you want to focus
4. On the next screen, you should see a brief guide. Tap on Next to proceed.

Next 5. Next up, choose the people you want to receive notifications from when the Focus mode is enabled. Simply tap the “Add Contact” button and select the preferred contacts from your address book. After that, tap Add “X” People. If you don’t want notifications from anyone, choose the “Allow None” option.

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