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What is ‘Free Guy’ about? Here’s a much-needed plot summary

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What is the plot summary for ‘Free Guy’? Some people are curious — and a little confused — about the movie’s plot. So if you’re in the same boat, you aren’t alone.

According to IMDb, Free Guy is about “a bank teller discovers that he’s actually an NPC inside a brutal, open-world video game.” Due to a program uploaded into the game, Guy becomes self-aware. He realizes he’s a minor character in a video game and he decides to change his course of fate and become the hero instead.

Article continues below advertisement When the game’s developers in the real world decide to shut it down, it’s up to Guy to figure out a way to prevent them from doing so, thereby becoming a hero in the game and outside of it.

Source: 20th Century Studios In case that doesn’t totally explain the premise, let’s break it down a little bit. Ryan Reynolds’ character, Guy, is an NPC (non-player character), or a background character you’d find in pretty much any video game.

Director Shawn Levy spoke to Collider ahead of the movie’s release and revealed how he researched video games for it. If you’re a fan of games like Grand Theft Auto or Uncharted, you might recognize some of the key elements of the fight scenes and destruction that happens all around Guy.

Source: 20th Century Studios Article continues below advertisement “I definitely played more GTA than I had before Free Guy because the screenplay was so clearly inspired by key elements of that,” he said. He also “played a lot of Fortnite” and played the game Uncharted as well.

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