What would Barron’s political columnist Alan Abelson say now?

What would Barron's political columnist Alan Abelson say now?

Alan Abelson thanked Bill Clinton as he left the White House in 2001 for “eight great years of extraordinary spectacle and endlessly abundant material for these scribbles.”

While Abelson had high hopes for the next administration, he admits that “even a seasoned word-eater” like George W. Bush would find it difficult to fill the “gap left by Ol ‘Bill”.

It was a rare Up & Down Wall Street column in which Abelson didn’t muddle through Washington’s latest rulers crop.

Barron’s longtime journalist, columnist and editor began writing Up & Down on January 24, 1966. Abelson stayed close to the market in the early years, but eventually Washington became a fixture, even if it was right. the opportunity for a good. lining. As in 1986, when he noted that the sponsors of the Gramm-Rudman-Hollings Balanced Budget Act were “the most famous trio since Larry, Moe and Curly”.

At the time of Abelson’s last column, February 11, 2013, three months before his …

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