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Why are digital games not considered “property”? – News

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In relation to gaming, I currently feel the same as I did in my CD music era. Something to show for money spent (granted games are a lot more expensive, too), and likely a hangover born from growing up in the physical era when digital game downloads hadn’t even been a wet dream yet. Creature of habit. I’ve now got a Spotify premium account and love it. My current car is too new and doesn’t have a CD player – but I can play all the music I want through the sound system with Spotify premium. Less is more in this situation, as is convenience…

But as it is, I’m running out of room to store physical games, just as I did with CDs. Could only be a matter of time before I make the jump from physical to digital. Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

That said, I suspect if Nintendo did the same tomorrow and ceased physical production of games, we’d all survive, suck it up, keep going and (albeit some begrudgingly) embrace the new format, because that’s the way things are to be.

A lot of newspapers have ceased printing, in favour of paywalled online news – that move hasn’t gone down well with a lot of consumers, primarily those who were used to picking up a physical copy in years gone by. But they’ve had to adapt as that’s what it is now. Feel digital is just the progression of how things will go eventually, but not for a long time – not until most of those who grew up in the ‘physical era’ have died off, at least.

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