Why I changed political affiliation | Laramieboomerang

Why I changed political affiliation |  Laramieboomerang

A year ago, I joined the Democratic Party, even though many of my positions were once considered Republicans. This column explains why.

Democrats are more in touch with reality, reason and the facts. We Democrats respect science. This includes the science which shows that man-made global warming is a serious problem. It also includes the science that shows wearing masks, social distancing, and vaccination are appropriate responses to a deadly pandemic.

Democrats are not a cult of personality. We Democrats do not embrace any Supreme Leader. Democrats are all of us who work together to solve the problems of our country, our states and our communities.

Democrats are the party of law and order. We Democrats do not encourage armed militias to invade national and state capitals. The police and criminal justice reforms that we support will strengthen the legitimacy of the law …

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