Europe’s rights court accepts Ukraine case against Russia


MOSCOW (AP) – Europe’s highest court of human rights agreed on Thursday to consider Ukraine’s complaint against alleged human rights violations in the Crimean peninsula annexed to Russia.

The Strasbourg-based European Court of Human Rights, or ECHR, concluded that Ukraine’s case against Russia was supported by sufficient evidence and decided to start examining the case. It was not clear when the court would deliver a verdict.

Ukraine argued in its complaint that Russia was responsible for various human rights violations in the Black Sea Peninsula. Russia’s annexation of Crimea in 2014 was unrecognized by a large majority of countries and resulted in US and European sanctions against Moscow.

International human rights groups have long denounced numerous rights violations in Crimea, including restrictions on freedom of expression and peaceful assembly and harassment of pro-Ukrainian activists and members of the Tatar community Crimean.

Moscow has accused it of having rightly taken control of Crimea after an overwhelming majority of local residents voted to secede from Ukraine and join Russia in a referendum. He has consistently rejected accusations of human rights violations in the region.

The ECHR ruled, after examining Ukraine’s complaint, that it provided sufficient evidence of human rights violations in Crimea for the court to consider the case.

The court noted, however, that some of the Ukrainian claims, including the claim that Russia was responsible for the killings and shootings in the region, were not properly supported by evidence.

“With regard to the allegations of an administrative practice of murder and shootings, the Court considered that the incidents mentioned did not constitute a set of violations,” he declared.

Russia’s Justice Ministry quickly issued a statement highlighting the court’s statement.

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