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India’s Air-Pollution Crisis: Exploring Causes and Solutions with Experts

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India’s killer air-pollution wake-up call

  • Northern India is rapidly becoming the pollution capital of the world
  • Experts discuss the critical problem and solutions
  • Dr. GC Khilnani and Anumita Roy Chowdhury provide insights
  • Air pollution in Delhi and the Indo-Gangetic plains is a major concern
  • India’s Killer Air-Pollution Wake-Up Call

    In recent years, the northern part of India has been witnessing a dangerous rise in air pollution, making it the pollution capital of the world. This alarming trend has caught the attention of experts and authorities who are now trying to find effective solutions. Dr. GC Khilnani, chairman of PSRI Institute of Pulmonary, New Delhi, and Anumita Roy Chowdhury, executive director of Centre for Science and Environment, New Delhi, shed light on the severity of the problem and explore the steps that can be taken to combat the airpocalypse that Delhi and the entire Indo-Gangetic plains face every winter.

    The Critical Problem

    One of the major concerns is the rapid increase in air pollution in northern India. The region is facing unprecedented levels of pollution, posing serious health risks to the population. The causes of this pollution need to be identified and addressed urgently to prevent further damage.

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    Expert Insights

    Dr. GC Khilnani, an expert in pulmonary health, emphasizes the need for immediate action to tackle the air pollution crisis. He highlights the impact of pollution on respiratory health and calls for stringent measures to control emissions from various sources.

    Anumita Roy Chowdhury, an environmental expert, stresses the importance of adopting cleaner technologies and reducing dependence on fossil fuels. She advocates for sustainable practices and policies that prioritize the environment and public health.

    It is essential for authorities and individuals to come together and take proactive steps to combat air pollution in northern India. The severity of the problem demands immediate attention and effective solutions to safeguard the well-being of the population.

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