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Record-Breaking Heatwave in Thailand Claims Two Lives.

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Thailand is experiencing record-breaking temperatures, with many towns and cities reporting temperatures of over 40 degrees Celsius. On Saturday, the Bang Na district reached a record high of 54 degrees Celsius. At least two people have died as a result of the heat. Electricity consumption is also at a record level as people run air conditioning and fans 24 hours a day, leading to concerns over electricity bills. Other parts of Asia, including Bangladesh and India, are also experiencing extreme heat, leading to power cuts and shortages. Spain and Portugal have broken temperature records for April, with Spain launching its forest fire monitoring campaign early.

In line with a report by news agency Reuters, Thailand has recorded some of its highest temperatures, with many towns and cities reporting temperatures of more than 40 degrees Celsius. This is a cause for concern, and authorities have warned people across the country to stay indoors or at least seek shelter when they have to go out.

The month of April is traditionally the hottest month of the year for Thailand, but there doesn’t seem to be any prospect of the temperatures immediately coming down at least in the coming weeks. In fact, on Saturday, temperatures reached a record high of 54 degrees Celsius in Bang Na district, which is alarming.

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The report also stated that in the southern Thai island of Phuket, the heat was forecast to “feel like” a staggering 54 degrees Celsius in the coming days. This is a worrying situation, and at least two people have already died due to the record-breaking heat, including a policeman who collapsed while directing traffic.

Apart from the rising temperatures, electricity consumption in Thailand is also at a record level, with people running air conditioners and fans 24 hours a day, leading to massive electricity bills, which many people are worried they won’t be able to pay.

This is not just a problem in Thailand, as parts of Asia are reporting extreme heat this month, with record-breaking temperatures seen in some countries. In Bangladesh and parts of India, extreme heat is leading to a surge in power demand, causing power cuts and shortages for millions of people.

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Meanwhile, two European countries- Spain and Portugal- have broken temperature records for April as they wilt in an unusually early heatwave that has raised the risk of wildfires. In Spain, the national weather office AEMET said that the mercury hit 38.8 degrees Celsius in the airport in Spain’s southern city of Cordoba on Thursday, beating the previous record of 38.6C in the eastern city of Elche.

On Friday, the Spanish government announced it would launch its forest fire monitoring campaign, a month and a half earlier than usual. As per an official statement, the campaign would involve adding reinforcements to local firefighting teams and the “continuous monitoring of forest fires” across Spain. The rising temperatures have also prompted warnings about the worsened drought conditions that have already led some farmers not to sow seeds this year.

In Portugal, the weather agency IPMA said that temperatures have been above average for the time of year, and the country has been hit by a wave of wildfires. The agency has issued a red alert for several regions in the country, which means that the risk of wildfires is very high.

The situation in Thailand, Spain, and Portugal is a cause for concern, and authorities in these countries are taking measures to mitigate the risks. However, this is a global problem, and it is important that we take steps to address it. We need to reduce our carbon footprint, adopt sustainable practices, and work towards a greener future. Only then can we hope to prevent such extreme weather events from becoming more frequent and severe.

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NewsWorld NewsRecord-Breaking Heatwave in Thailand Claims Two Lives.

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