YOUR HEALTH: A toothpaste designed to save your heart

YOUR HEALTH: A toothpaste designed to save your heart

Since several studies show dental problems now can lead to heart problems later, researchers are developing a first-of-its-kind toothpaste to help patients reduce their heart attack and stroke risk. “I’d go to the dentist and there would be lots of complaints about plaque buildup,” said Danelle Marlowe.

That might be a bigger concern than you first thought. It works by highlighting in green the plaque on your teeth that you miss during brushing. 

“PlaqueHD is a toothpaste to replace your common toothpaste,” he explained. In clinical trials PlaqueHD removed two to four times the amount of plaque on tooth surfaces than conventional toothpaste. 

But orthodontist Dr. Lawrence Hier has created a toothpaste that can help people prevent heart disease. Studies show there is a correlation between plaque buildup and bacteria in our mouth to cardiovascular disease and stroke. 

CPR stands for C-Reactive protein.   It is a sensitive indicator of future risk for heart disease and stroke. “What it also does is it reduces a very specific protein in the blood called CRP,” he said.

“The reductions in both trials were similar,” noted Florida Atlantic University expert Dr. Charles Hennekens. “They ranged between 30 to 50% reductions in the C-Reactive protein levels.” Two clinical trials were performed with PlaqueHD.

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  • YOUR HEALTH: A toothpaste designed to save your heart
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