Your mental health in 2021

Your mental health in 2021

SAN ANTONIO – Many of us were happy to leave the year 2020, but a brand new year doesn’t mean a clean slate when it comes to COVID-19.

The pandemic that plagued us last year has followed us into the news and the stress has left very few people unharmed.

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In this week’s episode of KSAT Explains, we take a look at how the new challenges of the past year in our daily lives are impacting our mental well-being.

We’re also exploring ways to take care of your physical and mental health as stress continues to mount and existing challenges become even more difficult. (You can watch the full episode in the video player above.)

Stay away from friends and family. Wear a mask in public. Virtual learning for children.

These are all the things we had to do to stay physically safe during the pandemic. While these actions are necessary for the common good, they have had a significant impact on our mental health.

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