Radhika Madan & Sanya Malhotra Are Second To None!

Pataakha Movie Review Quicker: In the company of Radhika Madan as Champa 'Badki' Kumari (older sister) and Sanya Malhotra as Genda 'Chutki' Kumari (younger sister), Pataakha is a story that revolves around these two sisters apart. He begins with a fight against 'Beedi' between Badki and Chutki.

Father Vijay Raaz decides to have the sisters stay home when they leave school. Both fall in love, which gives rise to many situations in which they become more envious of each other. The third very interesting character is Dipper Naradmuni (Sunil Grover), who is in the story only to launch a fight between the two sisters. Dipper is everywhere!

Pataakha Movie Review Faster: Radhika Madan and Sanya Malhotra are second to none!
Pataakha Movie Review Faster: Radhika Madan and Sanya Malhotra are second to none!

Director of Photography Ranjan Palit immerses himself in the narrow streets of Rajasthan with perfection. With the dialect of Rajasthan, the dialogues on the spot are good, but most of the time, they fail to create the desired impact. The jokes between the sisters are forced in places. The screenplay becomes repetitive after a while, but Sanya and Radhika have done everything to achieve perfection with their characters. Sunil Grover is 'paisa vasool' and is wonderfully wonderful as Dipper. Situation music works well with scenes and is not an obstruction.

In the film, Sunil tries a character from Rajasthan for whom he has to learn the dialect. He says that it was a task.

Sunil Grover has been part of the showbiz for a long time, but his popularity as a comedian has grown by leaps and bounds with the TV show "Comedy Nights With Kapil". He had a fallout with the co-actor Kapil Sharma.

It's a dramatic comedy about two sisters who share a difficult relationship. It is based on the story of Charan Singh Pathik entitled "Do Behnein". It also includes Saanand Verma and Vijay Raaz. Stay in this space for a complete review!

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