Austrian Audio Hi-X25BT review (2023) a closed-back Headphone

closed-back headphones with 44mm dynamic drivers and high excursion.

The Austrian Audio Hi-X25BT is their most “mainstream” product to date. It’s currently the only Bluetooth headphone in the lineup, but unlike its competitors, it keeps the feature count low and focuses on sound quality at an affordable price. Given that everyone seems to be wild about wireless headphones, you might think that wired headphones are on their way out, especially at the cheaper end of the market.

Austrian Audio Hi-X25BT: Description

But we don’t think these ideas would ever be heard in the hallways of Austrian Audio’s Vienna headquarters. Hi-X is the company’s first line of wired headphones. It was started by people who used to work at AKG you can buy this product directly from amazon. We have heard, liked, and given five stars to the more expensive Hi-X55 headphones, but the Austrian Audio Hi-X15 are the first budget-friendly headphones we’ve heard from the brand.

Even though a quick look shows that these wired over-ear headphones don’t look or feel cheap. Their design and finish make many of their competitors look cheap and cheaply made. When the right metal hinges are used, a pair of headphones folds up neatly and easily. You can also put them in the carrying pouch that comes with them to protect them from bumps and scrapes.

Austrian Audio Hi-X25BT: Pros and Cons


  • Clear, precise and insightful sound
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Lengthy battery life
  • Strong wireless connection
  • Nice quality to playback.


  • Could have even longer battery life for use travelling.
  • Need plenty of running in
  • Require partnering with suitable electronics
  • Average passive isolation
  • Sparse feature set

Austrian Audio Hi-X25BT: Specifications

Frequency range12Hz – 24kHz
Impedence25 ohms
Cable length1.4m

Austrian Audio Hi-X25BT: Design

Austrian Audio Hi-X25BT review

The only difference between the Hi-X25BT and Austrian Audio’s PG16 gaming headset is that the Hi-X25BT are a little less red and don’t have a boom mic. The headband is soft and flexible enough to fit a wide range of heads, but the middle is stiff to make sure it doesn’t stretch out of shape. I like the red and black finish. The red looks different from all the other black headphones on the market, but a little more white, like on the X15 model, would have been nice. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the earcups are bigger than I thought they would be.

They have a nice big space for the ears to sit, and the slow retention memory cushion earpads are very soft. I can wear the headphones for a few hours at a time without feeling any pain because the headband can be tightened or loosened. I don’t like how well the Hi-X25BT can block out noises from the outside world. Even though the headphones have a good grip, they can’t quite block out all of the noise I hear on my way to work. At home, where there isn’t much noise, I found them useful, which makes sense.

On trains, there were some sounds that got through, but not enough to bother anyone. However, in London’s busy streets, noise often got through, making it hard to hear what was playing without turning up the volume. Touch controls are about the most exciting thing about the Hi-X25BT. On the right earcup, there are buttons for playing music, skipping tracks, adjusting the volume, and turning on a voice assistant.

The controls are very sensitive, which I usually like because I’d rather have controls that are sensitive than ones that aren’t. However, they are so sensitive that even the slightest touch will turn up the volume or stop playback. The headphones can be folded up, and there is a pouch to keep them safe. The Austrian Audio website calls the pouch a case, but it’s more like a pouch.

Comfort and Isolation

Austrian Audio Hi-X25BT review

As with Austrian Audio’s other headphones, the earcups look small, but surprisingly, the earpads have a hole in the middle that fits my ears perfectly. When I wear them, my ears don’t touch anything, so the size of the hole in the earpad doesn’t bother me too much.

When worn, the Hi-X25BT and Hi-X15 are not too heavy. The Hi-X25BT weighs 270g and the Hi-X15 weighs 255g. When I wear the headphones, the foam on top of the headband also helps make sure that there won’t be any hot spots on top of my head.

Even though they fit well, they stay in place because the earcups move and there is spring steel inside the headband. Even though neither pair of headphones has noise-canceling features, the close-back design of both makes them good at blocking out noise in general. When I wear them, I can hear some background noise, but when the music starts, I can’t hear much of what’s going on around me.

Austrian Audio Hi-X25BT: Sound quality

Austrian Audio Hi-X25BT review

Overall, the Hi-X25BT has the same midrange-heavy sound as the Hi-X15. Surprisingly, I thought the overall sound of these headphones was rounder. This was also because the Hi-bass X25BT’s parts took up more space than I would have liked. With this model, the sub-bass sounds were also more noticeable. Also, the strong mids and clear differences between them make it easy to understand what is being said.

This is helpful when listening to pop music or audiobooks, but it is also helpful when watching movies. It can be too much of a good thing, though, depending on the audio production. The output signal can get a little sharper without making voices or vocals hiss or “lisp.” Above these frequencies, the headphones sound great in the highs and much more open in the super-high range than many other Bluetooth headphones in this price range.

Even though the sound image is almost the same as when it is sent wirelessly, the bass parts seem less compressed and therefore a little less loud when using a cable connection. The playback is also a little bit quieter when it’s wired than when it’s Bluetooth. The Austrian Audio Hi-X25BT pretty well blocks out noise from outside the ear cups. In the same way, quite a bit of the signal still leaks out through the closed earcups.

Austrian Audio Hi-X25BT: Battery Life

Austrian Audio Hi-X25BT review

On the specs sheet, the Hi-X25BT has an impressive 30 hours of battery life, which means it can run for a full day and more. This means that the Hi-X25BT is perfect for long-haul flights. Based on my tests, I think the HI-X25 can reach the claimed battery life. I think this is partly because the SBC codec uses less power than other codecs.

Final Words

A good pair of wireless headphones with clear and accurate sound, a long battery life, and a good level of comfort. The Austrian Audio Hi-X25BT aren’t the best at handling the hustle and bustle of everyday life because they don’t have as many features as other options in their price range.


Is Austrian Audio a good brand?

Austrian Audio has garnered much acclaim, adulation and a bucketload of awards for its new-fangled pro-level Hi-X headphone line. Their flagship model, the Hi-X65, won a prestigious TEC award at NAMM 2022, the same gong that its upper-mid range sibling, the Hi-X55, was nominated for back in 2020

Are Austrian Audio headphones good?

These headphones have a closed back and go over the ears. They are very comfortable and keep outside sounds out. Because of this, they are great for tracking, practising, and listening in loud places. They also have a 44mm Hi-X driver design, which makes them perform very well.

What is the highest quality audio available?

The best audio file format is one that doesn’t lose any sound. Some of these are FLAC, WAV, and AIFF. These files are called “hi-res” because their quality is better than or the same as that of a CD.

What is Austria most valuable brand?

In terms of value, there was only one clear winner among Austrian corporate brands in 2022. The Austrian energy drink brand Red Bull was worth more than five times as much as Nov

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Its broadband sound allows you to dig deep, and when listening to familiar recordings, attention is drawn to the rock-solid, well-controlled bass range, which is equally punchy, tight and deep.Austrian Audio Hi-X25BT review (2023) a closed-back Headphone