Beyerdynamic Free Byrd review

The Free Byrd headphones come remarkably close in terms of sound quality, with the added benefit of active noise cancellation. The UW100s weigh as much as the Free Byrd earphones and are just as space-saving.

If you’re in the know, you will notice that Beyerdynamic has been absent from the wireless headphone market so far. When considering the Beyerdynamic Free Byrd, it can be difficult to choose the right benchmark. Should they have the same features as the best headphones? Should they have sound quality that lives up to the company’s reputation with its other products? Are they supposed to make you feel like you are in the studio with Ronnie Van Zant and company? No matter which test you choose, these are pretty great headphones that can handle most accounts.

They are not perfect, as we will see below, but in most cases they do the right thing. They offer a lot of features, including the ones you’d expect, as well as a few surprises. And they do sound really good, though we didn’t expect it when we first put them in our ears. After testing the Beyerdynamic Free Byrd headphones, there is something to be said.

It’s debatable if they are among the best wireless earbuds of 2022, but they’re worth looking into. For years, Beyerdynamic has been developing some of the most reliable studio headphones on the market. Bluetooth is nothing new to Beyerdynamic as they have previously released wireless products like the Lagoon ANC and Amiron, but the Free Byrd are their first true wireless headphones from them.


We find something in common in the appearance of the Beyerdynamic Free BYRDs. Aside from the black ribbon on this gray example (a black version is also available), BYRD has the features of many wireless headphones that have come before. The cavity design is a bit complicated, but it helps the earbuds fit in the ear and creates a sound-isolating seal to block out outside noise. The plastic nature of the finish does not necessarily reflect the premium price of the BYRD headphones, but it helps keep them relatively light, weighing in at 7 g per headphone.

Comfort levels were good, with the smooth surface of the earphones not chafing, irritating or feeling greasy that you can sometimes get with cheaper true wireless devices or older models. The fit is not the tightest, even after you twisted to lock in the buds; but they give no indication that they will fall out. Unlike some other premium headphones, you don’t have to constantly fiddle with them to keep them in place. The headphones come with a wide range of ear tips: five sizes of silicone eartips (XS to XL) and three foam eartips (S to L) that Beyerdynamic says are suitable for sports.


At 0.25 ounces per side, the Free Byrd is far from the lightest headphone out there. But the decent ergonomic design we’ve already discussed, along with the very wide selection of ear tips, makes getting the fit pretty easy. Beyerdynamic Free Byrd offers eight pairs of ear tips in a Free Byrd package, so there really must be something that will fit even an unfamiliar ear. Three pairs of foams (“S”, “M” and “L”) in bright orange trim and five silicone options (“XS”, “S”, “M”, “L” and “XL”) in much brighter colors flowers. sober black, there must be plenty.

They don’t seem to be the most secure when they’re in place, but if you accept that these aren’t sports headphones and they will loosen up on their own if you spend a significant amount of time running (for example) while wearing them, there’s nothing to complain about. about comfort and fit.


Bluetooth 5.2 connects the Beyerdynamic Free BYRD to your device. The headphones support the aptX adaptive codec, which offers exceptional streaming quality with dynamic bitrate scaling. In theory, you get the benefits of low-latency streaming (better for watching video or playing games) with the advantages of “high-definition” streaming at up to 420kbps. However, our tests showed a latency of 270 ms, which is quite noticeable.

By purposely activating the “low latency mode,” the latency drops to about 152ms. For reference, most listeners will pick up any delay over 150ms. Apple device owners will also appreciate the excellent quality of streaming from their device to their headphones via the AAC codec. In a pinch, the headphones also support the standard SBC codec. Multipoint Bluetooth is not available in Beyerdynamic Free BYRD, which means you can only connect to one device at a time.

Noise Cancelling

The active noise canceling mode more than adequately suppresses background noise in the office or store. While it didn’t completely mask the sound of the floor fan in our house, it did reduce the noise level enough to not interfere with music playback. However, this level of noise reduction will not appeal to frequent air travelers who want to reduce aircraft noise levels.

Of course, high levels of noise reduction often come with a downside: distorted sound quality. we’d go for the Beyerdynamic Free Byrd with superior sound quality for the 99.5 percent of our lives we don’t spend on planes, but you might want to consider other in-ear headphones if strong noise canceling is your primary concern.

Audio Performance

To get the best sound quality from these headphones, you need to take some steps. It is very important to use Mimi’s sound customization function. This function adapts the sound to your hearing and creates a profile that you can customize. Passing the test takes a long time, but it is worth it. Our profile expanded the entire frequency range, achieving punchy bass, crisp mids and detailed highs.

It is also nice to be able to customize the profile with two sound settings, Softer and Richer, or use the slider to determine the intensity of the changes. we recommend leaving it at 100% and the default settings. The out-of-tune piano at the beginning of Run the Jewels’ “Ooh La La” sounded jarring. Expressive bass and snare drums followed, creating a vibrant and energetic soundscape that would tickle the ear of any fitness enthusiast.

Call Performance

Free Byrd is a wonderful headset for calls. You will get crystal clear results when talking indoors. Outside it was 50/50 due to the amount of noise each mic was letting through. In moderately transparent conditions like our backyard, small noises like birds chirping and chatter didn’t interfere with quality, although there was a noticeable muffled sound.

In a louder environment, car horns, construction tools, and the wind interfered with the conversation. Bluetooth 5.2 works flawlessly. Expect a large range in open space. Pairing is instant on all devices, though Google’s One-touch Fast Pair speeds up the process for Android users. Multipoint technology would be highly valued for the price.

Battery and Charging

With Free Byrds, it’s easy to get lost and lose track of time. Luckily, since they recharge relatively quickly, it doesn’t really matter when your uptime hits the double digits and the battery is dead. If listening in stereo is a must, a ten-minute break from music will net you a little over an extra hour of listening. If you choose to listen on solo headphones, it won’t take you long to regain a few hours of battery life by periodically changing your headphones.

We were able to consistently run within minutes of the claimed 11-hour battery life with ANC turned off and closer to 9-9 1/2 hours with ANC or transparency turned on. Compared to Google’s Pixel Buds Pro, this is a significantly smaller drop in battery life, offering about two more hours of ANC on a single charge.

Final Words

In a way, these are some of the best wireless earphones around, with some of the most interesting special features, such as sound customization. From strong, full-bodied bass to gentle, sweet highs, the Free Byrds offer everything you could want from a true wireless system produced by a brand like Beyerdynamic Free Byrd. Otherwise, the plastic construction seems a bit cheap for the price, and the ANC and call clarity are not up to par with the competition.

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The Beyerdynamic Free BYRD earphones are well built and have a high-quality feel. Each earphone fits magnetically into the charging case, which in turn opens and closes with a resounding click.Beyerdynamic Free Byrd review