Jamtara Review (Netflix): What happens when you give unlimited data and call access to an uneducated youth? A large part of them abuse it.

Jamtaradirected by Soumendra Padhitalking about phishing and how boys from a small isolated village named Jamtara carry out. It is dark, hard, cruel, has faults, but it is important. With a crispness of execution, the series tells the real-life scam and will leave you haunted for pick up the next call from an unknown number. Attention!

What is Jamtara Topic?

Jamtara, a remote village in Jharkhand has been put in place to very much like the phishing hub where several cases have been traced there IRL. Taking the village as a base, writers Trishant Shrivastava and Nishank Verma with the director Soumendra Padhi tell a story of two cousins Rocky and Sunny. Work masters by virtue of which almost all of the boys of the village are involved in phishing. While the illegal trade is booming, and the boys earn bombs, he takes a local minister’s attention, which aims to share the same.
During this time, a new Superintendent Of Police, Dolly Sahu between the stage and the break-up of the scam. The following is the thrive to make money, to save himself from the minister and not to get caught by the police.

What is Good?

Jamtara begins with a young boy in the realization of the phishing and policy makers strongly introduce you to the world that you are about to enter. The series unlike his contemporaries, without adjusting the base for the whole of the first episode, jumps into the kernel directly.

The writing is sharp, or too crispy. For someone who is accustomed to look at, almost all the content on the digital space, Jamtara will be fun as the runtime is much too less than the other shows of the release. The decision-makers here try to tell their story in the shortest way, and that works (don’t forget, for those who are accustomed to REGULARLY look at the content).

The show has a good representation of women. The decision-makers rather than the SP of Police a male character into a woman. Dolly in her first message, enters a police station full of men. Yes, it is the patriarchal gaze that we cannot ignore, but it is not always obvious remarks indicating that she is a woman, in all of the men in the world who deserves good points.

Sunny is a kind of contract wife Gudiya who is an ambitious young girl who dreams of getting out of the grip of this village. His bravery in the village who celebrates his masculinity is dangerous for its survival. But she does not regret, or failed, she fights until the end and I’m rooting for it. In the cast, the show is a little raw and fresh names which are all towards the real top. These are not the actors that you know. The idea of throwing all the new faces for a game that is never explored before, Jamtara wins in the department.

Sparsh Shrivastav as Sunny, Anshuman Pushkar as Rocky, Aksha Pardasany as Dolly, Amit Sial as a politician Brijesh, Monika Panwar as Gudiya and many others all carry out their characters with precision and they knew what the perfect thing to do is. Amit Sial gets to play the darkness of the shadow, and he goes all in ace of his character.

Cinematographer Kaushal Shah tries to tell a story through the lens of his camera. The yellowish tint of the effect that it gives to the visuals that adds more creep and dark as phishing culture already is. Special Mention to Rohit KP and Harshit Gupta who play Munna and Baccha. The two are those whose eyes we see this story. At times, they connect to the history for the points and incidents in the epic Mahabharata. This seems to be a desperate attempt to integrate a plot is to be justified later, and the goal is successful.

What is Wrong?

This is a show where the good points also may be the bad. As I said, get straight to the point, without the basic setting is a plus point for regular viewers, but not consume selectively. For someone who watches limited watch, would not be able to invest completely as they don’t know what the implementation is.
Point number 2, which makes running more short and the story crisp is a good shot. But the show is on a risk that the viewer could not connect with any character in the set.

The show, however, has an impressive upper layer for its second leads, he fails to give them similar awesome underlying layers. In their journey, the characters are caricatures and I hope that the decision-makers to build more if there is a season two. Also, there is a feeling of repetitiveness that makes some parts jarring.

Final Verdict:

Look at Jamtara to inform you of a scam that took place and is still going in your time, just a few hours away from you. This conference is entertaining, and poignant, also has some shortcomings, but that is important. The end is a cliff-hanger, and a signal for a second season. We’ll see if there are any.

Rating: 3 stars

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