Jalebi Movie Review Note: 2/5 stars (two stars)

Star Cast: Rhea Chakraborty, Varun Mitra, Digangna Suryavanshi

Director: Pushpdeep Bhardwaj

Review of the movie Jalebi: You will need a real Jalebi to relieve the bad taste of the film!

What is good: Rhea Chakraborty's honest attempt to act in goal-free history, some songs and some ghostly dialogues by Mahesh Bhatt

What's the problem: They chose a metaphorical title, adapted to all the films of Imitaz Ali. Whatever their origin, the story that was written is lifeless.

Loo Break: Like me, if you can let the whole movie go by watching how beautiful Rhea Chakraborty is, I do not think you need a break.

To watch or not ?: By buying tickets for Jalebi, someone in the queue asked me how Helicopter Eela, I asked him to pass this and I will tell you the same thing for Jalebi

User note:

Jalebi is the story of two lovers strangely met, Aysha (Rhea Chakraborty) and Dev (Varun Mitra). Dev is a local guide in Old Delhi who did a PhD. in history and has some kind of obsessions with her. Rhea and his friend meet him during a walk that he offers to his clients from his traditional house called Netaji Ki Haveli. Why Netaji? Because one night before independence, Netaji Subhash, Chandra Bose, spent a day in this house.

The story goes from the current scene to flashback from time to time to link Aysha's current scenario to his past. Currently, she has seen traveling on a train to Delhi from Mumbai with a woman who is Dev's current wife. In the comings and goings of flashbacks, the story portrays the complicated portrait of Aysha and Dev's relationship and their difficulties.

Jalebi movie review
Review of the movie Jalebi: You will need a real Jalebi to relieve the bad taste of the film!

Jalebi Movie Review: Script Analysis

Pushpdeep Bhardwaj alongside Kausar Munir wrote this scenario made for death. You can not connect with the …


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