Cash App Taxes review (Formerly Credit Karma Tax) 2024: tested

Uncover the features that make it stand out in the realm of tax software, from its user-friendly interface to its cost-free filing options.

If you want free tax software this year, Cash App Taxes is the best choice. Cash App Taxes is different because it is honest about what it does. Unlike some other “free” tax software, it doesn’t hide its free version behind marketing tricks, doesn’t put limits on you based on your tax situation, and doesn’t charge for state tax returns.

Cash App Taxes lets you e-file your tax returns for free, no matter if you work as a freelancer, trade crypto, handle retirement distributions, make money from rental properties, or manage health savings accounts.

Cash App Taxes: Description

You’ll need to have the Cash App mobile software on your phone or tablet in order to use Cash App Taxes. It’s important to note that Cash App Taxes does offer good contextual help and technical support through live chat with real people, even if it doesn’t have as much help and support as industry leaders like TurboTax and H&R Block.

But it doesn’t offer professional tax help or smartphone support. Cash App Taxes is a free service that doesn’t skimp on professionalism. The interface is easy to use, and the features are the same as those in more expensive options. If you want to file your 2022 taxes for free, Cash App Taxes is a good option.

Cash App Taxes: Pricing

If you use Cash App Taxes to file your federal to state taxes, there is no fee. This makes the service different from many others that are out there. In the end, Cash App Taxes will not charge you anything to help you with your taxes.

On the other hand, some services may let you do your taxes for free up to a point, but you’ll have to pay to use extra features or send in extra forms when you file your return. You might have to pay to file a state tax return or for help when you include information about being self-employed on your return.

Key Features Table

Cash App Taxes’ dedication to accuracy, reliability, and data security makes it a trustworthy choice for individuals seeking a secure and accurate tax filing experience.

Entirely free tax filing for both federal and state returnsThis stands out as a significant advantage over other tax preparation services, which often charge fees for state or federal returns.
User-friendly interface and intuitive tax preparation processIt has a reputation for being easy to use, even for those with limited tax knowledge.
Availability of online and mobile tax preparation optionsUsers can conveniently file their taxes from their computers, smartphones, or tablets.
Integration with Cash App financial servicesThis integration allows users to seamlessly transfer their tax refund into their Cash App account.
Potential for early tax refund accessIt offers the possibility of receiving your tax refund days or even weeks earlier than expected.
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What is Cash App Taxes?

Cash App Taxes review (Formerly Credit Karma Tax)

Individuals who want to file their taxes for free without sacrificing quality or convenience can benefit greatly from using Cash App Taxes, which is an excellent option. Because of its intuitive design, seamless integration with Cash App, and the possibility of receiving tax refunds earlier than expected, many taxpayers find it to be an attractive option.

User experience and ease of use

Cash App Taxes stands out because it is easy to use and prepares your taxes in a straightforward way. The platform is easy to use, even for people who don’t know much about taxes. Users are led through each step of the tax filing process by the app, which gives clear instructions and helpful nudges along the way.

Cash App Taxes also uses simple language and a conversational tone, which makes the experience less scary and more interesting. The app can pre-fill some fields with information already collected in Cash App, which speeds up the tax preparation process even more.

Users won’t have to enter the same information over and over again, which saves time and effort. Cash App Taxes also checks for and corrects mistakes in real time, so users are aware of any possible mistakes before they send in their returns.

Availability of online and mobile tax preparation options

Cash App Taxes review (Formerly Credit Karma Tax)

It offers both online and mobile tax preparation so that it can meet the needs of all taxpayers. Tax filers can do their work from the comfort of their own computers, as well as from their smartphones and tablets. This gives people the freedom to easily fit filing their taxes into their daily lives, whether they are at home, on the go, or on their way to work.

The online platform has an easy-to-use interface that looks and works like the mobile app, so the experience is the same on all devices. Both options offer step-by-step instructions, error checking in real time, and safe data transmission to make sure accuracy and dependability. On either platform, users can also find educational materials and tax tips that can help them learn more about taxes.

It is committed to being easy to use and accessible, as shown by the fact that it is available on many platforms. Cash App Taxes makes it easy for people to file their taxes, whether they prefer the traditional desktop experience or the portability of mobile devices.

Access to tax experts and support services

Some people need help filing their taxes, according to Cash App Taxes. Cash App Taxes offers tax experts and support to meet this need. Live chat or virtual appointments with experienced tax professionals provide personalised guidance. This personalised support is especially helpful for complex tax situations or tax clarification.

Cash App Taxes’ online help centre answers frequently asked questions, provides educational resources, and helps with troubleshooting. This self-service option gives users instant access to useful information to solve common issues.

Accuracy and Reliability

When Cash App Taxes does tax preparation, accuracy and dependability are very important to them. It has a staff of experienced tax experts who carefully go over each tax return to make sure it follows all IRS rules. Advanced algorithms and data analytics are used by the platform to find mistakes and make sure that users get the biggest tax refunds possible.

Cash App Taxes offers a 100% Accuracy Guarantee to make sure that the work is done correctly. This guarantee lets users know that Cash App Taxes will pay for any fines or interest that happen because of mistakes on their tax returns. This promise shows that Cash App Taxes trusts its accuracy and dependability.

In addition, Cash App Taxes follows strict data security rules to keep taxpayer information safe. Encryption, secure data transmission, and regular security checks are all used to keep user data safe from possible breaches. People trust Cash App Taxes to handle sensitive information responsibly because they put so much emphasis on data security.


  • Free tax filing for both federal and state returns
  • User-friendly interface and intuitive tax preparation process
  • Availability of online and mobile tax preparation options
  • Integration with Cash App financial services


  • Occasional technical glitches or outages
  • No physical office locations

Final Words

Cash App Taxes has a free product that is better than most paid products out there right now. It’s not as good as paid services like TurboTax, H&R Block, and TaxSlayer, but it works well enough for most people who don’t trade stocks or crypto regularly. Because it’s so easy to use, Cash App Taxes is our pick for the best free tax filing app this year.

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Cash App Taxes (previously known as Credit Karma Tax) is a free and easy way for people with simple tax situations to file their returns. For those who don't need expert help, it's a great option because of its straightforward design and comprehensive support for standard tax forms.Cash App Taxes review (Formerly Credit Karma Tax) 2024: tested