Dell Ultrasharp U3224KB review (2023) with great picture quality

The Dell UltraSharp U3224KB is capable of fantastic color quality.

The Dell Ultrasharp U3224KB 6K Monitor was easy to get out of its box. The monitor, the stand, the base, the power cord, and a few other cables were all in the box. We quickly put together the base and turned on the screen. As soon as we put it on our desk, we saw that it was just like every other Dell monitor we have ever used.

Dell Ultrasharp U3224KB: Description

It has a flat black front, a rounded silver back, a simple stand with a small hole for a cable to go through, and a simple way to use it. The Dell UltraSharp U3224KB is a top-of-the-line monitor with a lot of features. It has a beautiful 6K IPS Black panel with great colors and clarity. It wants to compete with the almost twice as expensive Apple Pro Display XDR.

The Dell UltraSharp U3224KB looks the same as any of the brand’s top products, though the gadgets on the top edge can make it look strange at first. It has a stylish matte silver finish that goes well with high-end laptops and workstation PCs. It doesn’t have any bezels, but it will still have panel edges like most IPS models.

Dell Ultrasharp U3224KB: Pros and Cons


  • Beautiful 6K display
  • Integrated 4K HDR webcam
  • Thunderbolt 4 connection
  • Great collection of connectivity ports


  • Same stands with low cable passthrough
  • Mic sound is slightly tinny

Specification Table

Screen Size32-inches (31.5)
Aspect Ratio16:9
Resolution6144 x 3456
BrightnessHDR off – 450 nits (SDR)
Viewing Angle178/178
Official linkVisit Website

Dell Ultrasharp U3224KB: Design

Dell Ultrasharp U3224KB review

The Ultrasharp U3224KB from Dell has a 6K display, but that’s probably not the first thing you will notice. The monitor comes with a soundbar and a 4K webcam, which are both placed on top of the screen. It looks strange and top-heavy and stands out right away, but it works just as well as if the soundbar were below the screen.

Material quality is good, with strong silver plastics that don’t bend and give the look of real metal. we do have one small complaint, though. We found that the plastic in the bottom left and right corners of the monitor was too soft and creaked when we touched it in these spots. we don’t think it’s a problem with how it works, but it’s a shame to see at this price.

The monitor stays in place on a desk thanks to a heavy stand. The base, on the other hand, is small and flat, so you can still use some of the desk space it takes up. This is better than high-end monitors with wide stands that look like tripods.

Most LG and Samsung displays have this kind of stand. The stand can be changed in height, tilt, swivel, and can turn 90 degrees to face landscape. A 100x100mm VESA mount is included so you can attach a monitor stand or arm from a different company.

Dell Ultrasharp U3224KB: In Use

We’ve had the U3224KB UltraSharp 6K Monitor for a few days and are very happy with it. The Apple Studio Display is the only other monitor we’ve seen that has a beautiful display, a beautiful webcam, good audio, and Thunderbolt ports. Even though the features are the same as the Studio Display, the quality and size of this screen are the same as the Apple Pro Display XDR, but it is a lot cheaper and has a lot of ports that Apple’s best monitor doesn’t have.

The 32-inch UltraSharp U3224KB monitor has a great set of ports for a workhorse. On top of the Thunderbolt 4 hub, this monitor has ports that allow “legacy” devices to connect. Our HDMI desktop, which isn’t legacy, can connect to this monitor without any problems. Also, Dell added a few USB-A ports, so we can charge devices and plug in flash drives without needing a dongle off the back of the monitor.

Dell Ultrasharp U3224KB: Image Quality

The Dell Ultrasharp U3224KB has a VESA DisplayHDR 600 certification and works with HDR. It did what it said it would do and could keep a full-screen HDR brightness of up to 669 nits. That’s a good result that’s better than what OLED monitors can do. Mini-LED monitors like the Acer Predator X32 FP, which can reach at least 946 nits, are better.

The U3224KB’s high brightness makes the picture more vivid and adds more luminance detail to HDR content. Bright spots, like a sunset or headlights in a dark alley, have more detail than they did in SDR. But the U3224KB’s low contrast ratio is a weakness that makes the monitor less impressive in HDR.

When a small, bright object appears in an otherwise dark image, the monitor has trouble showing it. It looks flat and washed out compared to a Mini-LED or OLED screen. The U3224KB is also not as good as other monitors in the same price range. It’s only a few hundred dollars cheaper than the Asus ProArt PG32DC, which is an OLED monitor that doesn’t get much darker when showing HDR content and shows a much more realistic picture in dark scenes.

Display and Performance

Dell Ultrasharp U3224KB review

The Dell UltraSharp U3224KB has a unique 6144 x 3456 6K resolution, a 60Hz refresh rate, and a 5ms response time on its 32-inch IPS Black panel. The backlight has an output of 400 cd/m2 and a peak of 600 cd/m2. The contrast is said to be 2000:1. This model is also HDR 600 certified, but it doesn’t have as many dimming zones.

Some people don’t like the U3224KB’s unique 6K resolution because the 223 PPI is so high compared to other screens. At 100% scale, images and movies look very clear, but text is almost impossible to read. You can easily change that, but be aware that not all programs will immediately follow your setting.

For this test, we used a gaming laptop with USB-C and a separate RTX 3070Ti. Unfortunately, there was a problem with the GPU’s USB-C port, which limited the screen’s refresh rate to 30Hz. The second USB-C port on the laptop, which is connected to the 12900H processor, worked right away, but we had to manually set the resolution, refresh rate, and scale.

We also had trouble with the monitor slowing down, which is similar to what happens when streaming services like Netflix are set to full-screen mode. The fix we found is to change the native resolution of your monitor from 6144 x 3456 to 3840 x 2160. If you go from 8K to 4K, there is no loss in quality or interlacing. However, we hope that a newer system with DP 2.1 or TB4 can fix this problem to make things easier.

Final Words

We’ve been waiting for a display like the Dell UltraSharp 32-inch 6K monitor. We love Apple’s top-of-the-line monitors, but we don’t like how expensive they are or how few ports they have. The Dell U3224KB solves both of these problems and more.

The picture quality is amazing, the number of ports is great, the features for getting work done are great, and the camera is clear. If you’re looking for a 6K monitor, this may be the one you use to judge the others.


What is special about Dell UltraSharp?

At a glance: Having more screen space and a higher resolution lets you see more and switch between tasks more quickly, which makes UltraSharp the perfect monitor for improving performance. With Easy Arrange and other features on Dell Display Manager, it’s easy to arrange multiple apps on your screen.

What is the refresh rate of UltraSharp?

The Dell UltraSharp U2720Q 27″ LCD LED Monitor has a 3840×2160 4K display and a 60 Hz refresh rate. In-Plane Switching Technology – Refresh Rate.

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The UltraSharp 32-inch U3224KB monitor has plenty of ports for a productive workhorse. It impressed us a lot. The 6K display shines not only with its clarity and colors, but also with its integrated webcam and speaker that make virtual meetings easy and professional.Dell Ultrasharp U3224KB review (2023) with great picture quality