eMeet Meeting Capsule review 2024: crystal clear video and audio

With its high-quality video conferencing, the eMeet Meeting Capsule is the right solution for remote work and hybrid teams.

The balance between work, home, and travel for workers is getting harder and harder to manage, so conference room cameras are in high demand. Some are made to go at one end of the room and have a camera that looks at the subject horizontally, like a webcam. Others can sit in the middle of a group meeting and look in all directions. The eMeet Meeting Capsule is a special camera for conferencing. It is made to sit at the end of a conference table or on a stand, where it can see everyone clearly.

eMeet Meeting Capsule: Description

The Meeting Capsule is about 11.5 inches (29.2 cm) tall, which is high enough to see over the meeting tables. It also has a 360-degree ultrawide angle camera that can quickly figure out who is talking and frame the stream accordingly. A number of noise-cancelling microphones give those watching the stream clear and focused sound, and a large speaker on board sends their words to the meeting. This camera has five different modes for video output that are controlled by an AI on board.

These modes should cover all the different needs for meetings, and the camera can even be controlled from afar. That’s something bosses like because they like to be mean, but it does let you make some human changes if the face tracking doesn’t give you the right frame. If the eMeet Meeting Capsule has any flaws, the fact that it needs a USB connection to a host system and a mains power cable is the most clear one. This makes the wiring a bit messy. It also only sends out video in 1080p, even if the frame is not automatically zoomed.

eMeet Meeting Capsule: Pricing

At the moment, the eMeet Meeting Capsule comes in a number of SKUs that include extra things with the basic system. The Capsule costs £450 ($559.99), but you can also buy it with the OfficeCore M3 speakerphone, the M0 USB to Wireless Speakerphone, and now a full meeting setup called the Meeting Capsule Pro Room Kit.

The Pro Room Kit costs £740 ($899.99) and comes with the Capsule, a wireless document camera with its own tripod and a USB wireless adapter, as well as a sticky privacy cover.

Specifications Table

The eMeet Meeting Capsule works with Zoom, Skype for Business, Webex, Slack, and Microsoft Teams. The eMeet Meeting Capsule is easy to set up and use, and you don’t need any software or tools to do so.

Camera360° optional fisheye lens with AI-powered autofocus
Maximum Res1080p
Microphone8 omni-directional beamforming microphones with noise reduction and echo cancellation
Speaker10W/90dB Hi-Fi speaker
Audio Pickup Radius18ft (5.5m)
Video modesCollaboration Mode, Speech Mode, Classic Mode
Software compatibilityZoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, Slack, Webex, and more
Dimensions97mm x 97mm x 291mm (4.4″ x 4.4″ x 10.72″)(L x W x H)
Weight2.61lb (1060g)
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eMeet Meeting Capsule: Design

eMeet Meeting Capsule

At first glance, this device looks like a more office-friendly version of Lord of the Rings’s Great Eye, which stands tall over Barad-dûr. At the bottom, though, there isn’t a mountain surrounded by fire. Instead, there is a high-quality speaker in the shape of a capsule that seems to be balancing on a flat base. The rotating eye at the top is surrounded by eight mics that pick up sounds from all directions. The distance between the microphones and the eye helps the AI avoid sound feedback.

Also, the eye doesn’t dart around the room looking for hobbits. Instead, it moves between three different positions: up for a 360-degree view, sideways for a webcam-like view, and down to stop the video and sound. It’s a little bit of a symbol, since there are other ways to quiet, but it’s a good sign.

Some small LEDs are hidden behind the speaker grille/vent, which makes up most of the hard, dark grey shell of the tower. On the side, there are ports for power (12V DC barrel), a USB-C link to your computer, and an extra eMeet microphone. A Kensington lock is also there. Above these, but on the same side, is a color-matched rubber patch that covers three buttons: camera mode, full privacy, and audio stop.

eMeet Meeting Capsule: Features

The EMEET Meeting Capsule is a portable gadget with a lot of features and functions that make it easier to hold remote meetings. Some of the most important parts and tasks are:

  • Everyone is included: It has a 1080P HD camera with a 360° view, 8 microphones, and a 90dB Hi-Fi speaker.
  • AI-powered autofocus: A smart, multi-modal program automatically focuses on people who are talking.
  • 5 video modes: You can switch between 5 different video modes with a lens that can be turned around.
  • Optimized voice pickup: the VoiceIA® DSP algorithm cuts down on noise and makes the human voice sound better. It also works in full duplex.
  • Just plug it in: You can start a meeting right away without a cell phone or WI-FI.
  • Smart reporting: Coverage can be increased from 18ft to 36ft when linked with our best-selling speakerphone M3.

When put in the middle of the table, the EMEET Meeting Capsule picks up the words of everyone in the meeting and sends them clearly and smoothly. The 360° conference camera catches all the details within a 13-foot (4-meter) radius at 4K resolution and sends out HD1080P images, so there are no blind spots in the conference room. Eight smart, omni-directional microphones pick up words from all directions within a range of 18 feet (5.5 meters), which makes your voice sound better.

eMeet Meeting Capsule: Video Quality

The output video is 1080P at 30 frames per second, which is perfect for most video chat situations. There are some 4K cameras, but the extra quality isn’t always worth it because the call bandwidth is so slow. It would be better to send a 1080P stream of good quality. We’ll get into the details in a moment, but first, it’s important to say that we tested in different settings, including harsh sunlight, and the camera did a good job of keeping things under control, even though some highlights were blown.

But output quality is only half of the story, and this device is made to deal with that fact. After all, a camera’s picture sensor only has so many pixels, and during a call, the pixels that are pointed at people’s faces are the most useful. The ability to change the way you see things is impressive, but it has its bounds.

This is most clear when the camera tilts to a 360-degree view in “Collaboration Mode” or “Speech Mode.” The top of the screen is either a cropped shot of multiple active participants or a single cropped shot of a single active participant. In either case, the shots come from close to the edge of a fish-eye lens. Look at the eyes in the example picture to see how soft they are. The optional panoramic view at the bottom of the screen is small enough to be clear and sharp, but the close-ups are definitely blurry.

eMeet Meeting Capsule: Collaboration Mode

eMeet Meeting Capsule

In this mode, you can see the whole room from the bottom. As people talk, no matter where they are in the room, the AI will pick them out. They could be sitting on opposite sides of the table, but the collaboration mode on this unit is amazing at making a unique frame and putting that person into the conference call. When we tried it, we put three speakers in one room and had them talk to a person outside the room. As each person in the room spoke, the AI gave them each their own frame in the conference camera view.

If a person stops talking and taking part in the conversation, the AI will drop them from the discussion. If a new player just joined, the AI would move to that new player. So not only did it figure out where the sounds were coming from in real time, but it also gave a really good picture of each of those people. This is a really cool and amazing thing about the EMEET Capsule.

It’s great to be able to automatically focus on people as they talk on calls, even if they’re happening around a small round table with people from outside the company. It takes a while for it to get closer to people. But once the AI has put them in a box, it keeps them there for a while because it thinks that they will talk again at some point. As I said, if they stop talking, they’ll fall out of the keyframes.

eMeet Meeting Capsule: Software

If you want to quickly see if the Meeting Capsule is working, you can connect it to a PC and run the Camera app. This should show a live video picture that shows that the Meeting Capsule is working. This camera will work straight with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, Slack, and Webex, according to the documentation. It should also work with any web-based streaming tool that can reach local resources.

But eMeet has a tool called EMEETLINK that makes it easier to use this hardware and improves the general experience in small ways. The camera has five ways to work: collaboration, speech mode, standard mode, spotlight mode, and InPrivate mode. Technically, InPrivate turns off the camera, so you can use any of the other four. Collaboration and speech modes use the camera position with a field of view of up to 360 degrees, while standard and spotlight use the one with a field of view of up to 180 degrees.

eMeet Meeting Capsule: Remote Control

A key part of using the EMEET Meeting Capsule is the remote handle. You can control the camera from the base unit, but it only has buttons for changing modes, going into private mode, and turning the camera off.

There are a few extra functions that come in handy on the remote. The level and mic sensitivity button is one of them. The remote lets you change modes. You can also use the remote to zoom in and out, turn off the camera, turn off the microphone, or go into a mode that gives you complete privacy.

There’s also a special button that lets you stop seeing the whole room from every angle. So, if you press this button while in teamwork mode, which we talked about earlier, the 360-degree view goes away. When the 360-degree view is turned off, the AI only records whoever is speaking in the room. This can make it less confusing for people who don’t like seeing the whole room from every angle.

eMeet Meeting Capsule: Sound Quality

Full duplex sound is a must for a gadget like this, which can be both a speaker and a microphone for your conferencing software. The speaker is 10 watts and 90db, which is enough to fill a medium-sized room with sound. The voices we heard on the calls we tried were very natural and clear. We didn’t expect the bass to be so strong when we played music loudly. It might even be possible to rock out when the boss isn’t looking.

The microphone also worked as well as promised, and the AI did a great job of focusing on speech tones. Tested at home with the hard-to-please grandparents and an active child, they said they heard everything he said, even when he moved around the room and lost focus. If it can do that, it should be able to handle a meeting with coworkers.

Audio quality can’t be argued with, and it’s far better than what many people get from laptop speakers and mics during impromptu meetings. It’s nice to know that you can add another microphone, but we don’t think it will be used very often. The video is also well put together (we like how the conference modes have white edges and rounded corners), but we would have liked more face information in the 360 mode. Physicists don’t seem to be on the side of the camera when it’s pointed up, but the software does a good job and the AI kept the right people on camera with only a second or two of delay.

eMeet Meeting Capsule: Pros and Cons

The eMeet Meeting Capsule is a 360° video conferencing camera that gives group-to-group(one) remote meetings a face-to-face feel. It has a 1080p camera, 8 AI microphones, and a speaker. It can be controlled by a remote control, eMeetLink software, or the buttons on the device itself.


  • Decent microphone and speaker combo
  • Switchable camera direction
  • Remote affords good functionality
  • Wide visual vista


  • Indicator lights a touch confusing
  • Only 1080p output

Final Words

The EMEET Meeting Capsule is a high-quality portable device with advanced audio and video technologies and noise-reduction features that make online meetings more enjoyable. It is easy to set up, has advanced features, works with different online meeting platforms, and is movable, making it a useful tool for remote workers. The touch functions on the device make it easy to use in meetings, but the short battery life and higher price may turn off some buyers.

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The 360-degree view's picture quality is hit-or-miss in low light, but its ability to pick up individual speakers and focus on them while offering clarity and a nice picture is impressive. Fifth video modes make it infinitely versatile for every occasion. The speech AI DSP eliminates external noise, making your duplex video conferencing conversation clear and natural.eMeet Meeting Capsule review 2024: crystal clear video and audio