G.Skill KM360 Keyboard review

The KM360 is a great mechanical keyboard from G.SKILL. It's just what you need if you're looking for a simple, affordable mechanical keyboard with high-quality switches.

G.Skill aims to encourage gamers and non-gamers to use Wireless mechanical Keyboards switches with their new KM360 keyboard. this is a very Cheap keyboard that offers the bare minimum of what computer users need. While that doesn’t make it one of the best gaming keyboards out there, the price makes it competitive with the best cheap gaming keyboards out there. We hope you enjoyed this Blog of the G.Skill KM360 Review.

The G.SKILL KM360 mechanical keyless keyboard is a compact 87-key keyboard designed for long life. With durable Cherry MX mechanical key switches, durable double-injected ABS keycaps, and a durable aluminum top plate, the KM360 Mechanical Keyboard makes the KM360 Mechanical Keyboard the perfect mechanical keyboard for everyday use. Mechanical keyboards are a dime a dozen these days, and it’s hard to pick one that’s really bad, but there are some gems.

The problem with gaming mechanical keyboards is ugly design, blinding RGB lighting, and other features that you may not need. Luckily, G.SKILL has a keyboard that promises great typing without all the extra bells and whistles. You won’t find macro support, companion software or internal Hard Drive for profiles, or RGB lighting here. This is a simple mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX Red switches, striking design and solid build quality. At an aggressive price, this could steal some of the thunder from competing companies, but is there any benefit to it?

G.Skill KM360 Keyboard review: Design

One look at the KM360 and you can tell it’s just the bare essentials. The keyless design, of course, means no Numeric Keypads, and the keyboard also lacks media controls. The KM360 is marketed as a keyboard for everyday use, but not if you’re a heavy spreadsheet user or enjoy the convenience of being able to fiddle with sound from the keyboard.

The white LED backlighting of the keyboard has five different levels and also brings the keyboard design to life by making the white font glow and creating a glow on the keys. But the light cannot save the KM360’s font choice. Words like “enter” and some characters look messy and handwritten, creating a constant reminder that this is a budget mechanical keyboard. Just look at that Caps Lock button – it looks like it was written by a child, and c and s should be closer to a and p.

The home button is even worse, it looks like it was created by four different kids with four different handwriting styles. On the other hand, the keycaps were made using ABS dual injection, which G.Skill says means each is molded with two injection processes to prevent the letters from fading.

G.Skill KM360 Keyboard review: Gaming

Cherry MX Red key switches help the G.Skill KM360 stand out as a gaming keyboard, even though G.Skill is positioning it as a professional device. Thanks to N-Key Rollover and Anti-Ghosting, he will not have any problems during the game. Cherry MX switches are rated for 50 million clicks so they won’t wear out quickly in the middle of a game. Cherry MX Red switches are linear, so they don’t have a pronounced actuation point, but it doesn’t take long to figure out where a keystroke will register.

For gaming, this means they deliver a solid and consistent feel. we spent several hours playing Over watch on the KM360 to make sure all of our moves registered quickly and abilities worked without a hitch. we’ve used a lot of keyboards with Cherry MX Red switches, and playing with them was exactly the same. we could reliably move from side to side while avoiding enemy fire, and it was easy to use the ability.

The keycaps have decent contour, so we could feel when my finger was on the edge of a key and either move it all the way to the next one, or stay on it and avoid hitting multiple keys. The value of good contouring is palpable after using the Cooler Master SK650, which has such flat keycaps that we often missed.

G.Skill KM360 Keyboard review: Controls

The keyboard does not have any accompanying software, but you can adjust the brightness of the backlight (0%, 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%). To do this, press the FN key and the up or down arrow. Even 25% cast a subtle light on the keys. But at any power, the backlight on my test unit was noticeably uneven.

This exacerbated our keyboard lettering issues, making some keys like tab, uppercase, and shift look even dumber thanks to dimmer lighting on the outer letters of words. At 25% brightness, the ASD row appeared brighter than the outer rows, especially the number row, and some numbers looked brighter than others. At maximum brightness, this was also true, but less obvious.

G.Skill KM360 Keyboard review: Typing Experience

The KM360 features Cherry MX Red switches, known for their linear feel, that move down without any touch or bump until you touch the bottom. They have a stroke of 4 mm, and a stroke of 2 mm. The space bar is the only key that does not use this switch, but instead uses the Cherry MX Black switch. This typing Keyboards of switch is also linear and with the same number of shots and actuation points, but requires more force to move (60g vs. 45g) and a stiffer feel.

With a clear space bar and a stronger feel, different types of switches are clearly visible. Some may like the statement about strong spaces. For me, it adds a little kick to start a new word, but we prefer all the buttons to feel the same for long typing sessions. However, this did not interfere with my speed and accuracy of writing. Overall, the KM360 has a very good writing experience. The lightly textured feel of the button makes each press feel more substantial without being aggressive like on a cheaper membrane keyboard.

The keys have some weight, but are quite quiet, as expected from a red switch. But you’ll still hear a fair amount of noise, especially from the space bar. And if you type hard, you can hear noise from the aluminum body. But it’s much less noticeable than in the SteelSeries Apex Pro. The key groove, thanks to the formation of G. Skill in each row, gives your fingertips a comfortable place for each press.

G.Skill KM360 Keyboard review: RGB Lighting

Despite the lack of RGB, the KM360 looks better than expected under lighting. For the most part, white LEDs shine brightly. At maximum brightness, they glow through the black keycaps like white stars in a black sky, and cast a fluorescent white glow to the underside of most keys.

This really improves the look of the keyboard and gets rid of the unnamed default keyboard Apps that is handed out in offices. You can tell if you have Caps Lock or Windows Key Lock enabled if it’s brighter than the other buttons. Fortunately, it was visible even at the maximum brightness of the backlight.

Final Words

Getting mechanical switches at this price is rare, let alone Cherry MX switches. The KM360 makes up for the lack of features with a stylish and durable design, and the detachable USB-C cable just goes to show that a budget device doesn’t have to be smart. If you want a mechanical gaming keyboard that showcases your skills more than your wallet depth, the G.Skill KM360 is your best bet.

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The KM360 makes up for the lack of features with an elegant and robust design, and the detachable USB-C cable shows that a cheap device does not necessarily have to be smart.G.Skill KM360 Keyboard review