Hiboy S2 review (2023) alluring electric scooter for beginners

a solid entry level electric scooter for a first time buyer

The Hiboy S2 works best as a weekend scooter for leisurely rides. The S2 is a good first scooter for both teenagers and adults because it has a 350W motor that can reach a top speed of 18.6 mph and can carry more than the average amount of weight, 260 lbs. But there is one catch: you should only walk on well-kept roads and sidewalks. Even though the S2 has two rear shock absorbers, the 8.5-inch solid tyres make them less effective.

Hiboy S2: Description

This causes the wrists and knees to shake and vibrate. In terms of raw performance, the Hiboy S2 is exactly what you’d hope for in terms of value. The range of 19 miles is about right for a mid-range scooter, and it’s a little high for this price.

The variety is just good. Most scooters that cost less than $800 can go up to 13 miles, while scooters that cost $800 or more can go as far as 40 miles. But 17 miles is enough to get to work and back. The Hiboy S2 is interesting because it is reliable, has a full set of features, and is of good quality for a good price.

The first thing that comes to mind for many people is to compare the Hiboy S2 to the Xiaomi M365. That’s kind of understandable, since it looks a lot like the famous model. But most of the similarities are only on the surface, and if you look at the Hiboy S2 closely, you will see that it is very different in a lot of ways. Most of the differences make sense and fit with what the scooter is trying to do as a whole.

Pros and Cons


  • Flat-resistant tires
  • Quick acceleration curve
  • Sleek frame
  • Mobile app


  • Suspension Not Great
  • Poor ride quality

Hiboy S2: Specifications

Weight13 kg
Folded dimensions114 by 41 by 48 cm
Motor power, continuous350 W
Range27 km
Battery capacity270 Wh
Max rider weight120 kg
Brake typeRegenerative + Disc

Hiboy S2: Design

Hiboy S2 review

This is a functional scooter. It looks a bit better than other cheap scooters, like the GoTrax GXL V2, in terms of design. The cables on the Hiboy S2 are all routed inside the front and only come out at the bottom.

The scooter’s mechanical disc brake is controlled by a button on the right handlebar and a hand brake. Another button for the regenerative brakes is on the left handlebar. All of the controls were easy to use and felt good to touch.

A small colour display, similar to the one on the Segway Ninebot Kickscooter Max, is in the middle of the S2’s handlebars. In the middle is a big number that shows your speed. Below that is a battery metre, and at the top is a bar that shows how much power the scooter’s motor is using or, if you’re using the regenerative brakes, how much energy is being sent back to the battery.

The S2’s deck is coated with a nice, grippy rubber that has small diamond-shaped nubs. While I felt the size of the deck was a touch small (at least for a big person like me), I never felt like my feet would slip off.

Hiboy S2: Performance

Hiboy S2 review

The S2 has a single 350W motor, and its top speed is a respectable 18.6 MPH. That’s good enough for a good amount of commuting in the city. The scooter’s acceleration is a little bit better than you’d expect, and it’s clear that this is its best feature. It can reach 15 mph in 6.2 seconds, which is a very fast start.

Even though the Hiboy S2 won’t have trouble getting you going, don’t expect it to be able to climb steep hills, especially if you’re close to the 260-pound rider weight limit. The S2 can’t go up anything steeper than 15%. A 10% grade hill will take you almost 20 seconds to climb. The S2 has a regenerative brake on the front wheels and a disc brake on the back wheels. Together, they give it a good stopping distance of 4.4 meters, which means that the scooter is generally pretty safe.

So, when you brake, you should always take an active rider stance (lean back). If you don’t, you risk the back wheel getting stuck. When you hold down the brake lever on the right handlebar, both brakes work. But there is a separate thumb control for the electronic brake on the left handlebar.

Hiboy S2: Battery life and Range

On a full battery, the S2 can go as far as 17 miles. This is, however, dependent on how you ride. When figuring out how far you can really go, you should think about your load, your speed, and the terrain. The 6 hour charge time is pretty long compared to cars like the Turboant X7 Pro, which takes the same amount of time to charge but goes 13 miles farther (30 in total).

Most electric scooters make it easy to find the charging port by putting it where the battery is. The S2, however, goes against the grain by putting it at the top of the handlebar stem. This does make it easier to charge, since you don’t have to move around the deck looking for the port, and it also gives it more protection from water and dirt.

Price and availability

Hiboy S2 review

You can buy the Highboy S2 scooter from Hiboy’s official website or Amazon and other stores. Its regular price is $549, which seems a little high for what it has to offer, but I’ve seen it on sale for as low as $399. If you see it for that price, it’s a great deal and you should buy it. Highboy also sells an S2 with a seat that can be taken off for $479.

The company sells an upgraded version called the S2 Pro for $669, which was marked down to $532 at the time this article was written. It has a 500W motor instead of the S2’s 350W motor, bigger 10-inch tyres instead of the S2’s 8.5-inch tyres, and a maximum range of 25 miles instead of the S2’s 17. The S2 Pro can also be bought for $559 with a seat that can be taken off.

Final Words

The Hiboy S2 is the best scooter for the money in the middle range. It’s the cheapest scooter you can get without having to give up anything. It goes fast, has a long range, and feels good to ride. When you buy a cheaper scooter, you have to make sacrifices, which can lead to range anxiety or problems with customer service.

Most of the time, you don’t need the extra features and power that come with more expensive scooters. They may be bigger and have longer ranges, but you don’t need them. The Hiboy S2 stands out as the electric scooter that most people need, and it has a great price.


How long does the Hiboy S2 last?

In “Sport” mode, the 500W motor on the S2 Pro can push it up to 19 mph, giving it a maximum range of 25 miles.

What is the lifespan of an electric scooter?

E-scooters in a ride-share fleet usually last between 9 and 18 months, while personal ones can last up to 3 years. After the first two years, a personal e-scooter won’t work as well, but if you take care of it and keep it in good shape, you can still ride it for at least another three years.

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The Hiboy S2 is the best scooter for the money in the mid-range. It is the cheapest scooter you can get without sacrificing anything. It goes fast, has a long range and rides well.Hiboy S2 review (2023) alluring electric scooter for beginners