Hisense U8H review

The Hisense U8H is an all-around great TV. Its high contrast ratio and great local dimming make it great for watching movies in a dark room. HDR content looks incredible as it is incredibly bright and has a wide color gamut, so the latest movies look incredibly realistic and lifelike.

The goal of the Hisense U8H Mini-LED TV is to bring high-end features to a mid-level price point. It includes a light sensor for Dolby Vision IQ, which can adjust the brightness to match the ambient light in the room, as well as a Mini-LED panel with up to 528 local dimming zones. Its peak brightness outperforms any TV in this price range, and its color reproduction is on par with some of this year’s best TVs.

It not only has some smart-looking specs, but it also has some killer extra features, such as two HDMI 2.1 ports that support 4K@120Hz and on-board Google TV 11 with Chromecast Built-in. Around the back is a substantial sound system that delivers plenty of bass, though it could be a little stronger in the mid-range.

What’s the really bad news? As powerful as this TV is, Hisense’s upscaling and motion processing abilities aren’t on par with those of LG, Samsung, or Sony, which means you’ll notice poor motion smoothing and colour banding in some scenes. If you don’t understand what those terms mean, these issues won’t ruin your experience but videophiles may notice them, and they can turn an otherwise positive experience into a subpar one.

Hisense U8H review: Design

Despite the presence of a built-in, rear-mounted subwoofer, the U8H’s cabinet is slim, and the screen is framed by an extremely thin, silvery bezel. The majority of connections are made on an inset panel around the back, which houses the set’s four HDMI jacks as well as an antenna input and a powered USB port. A second, back-facing panel contains additional connections, such as optical digital audio and powered USB and Ethernet ports.

The TV’s sturdy metal feet can be installed closer to the centre of the screen or further out to the sides. The latter option provides plenty of space for a soundbar, and the 3 inches of clearance between the TV’s bottom edge and the surface it’s placed on means there’s plenty of room for a soundbar.

The basic remote that comes with the TV does not have an illuminated keypad, but has rubberized buttons with bright white lettering and icons, so it can be used in low-light conditions. Six buttons on the bottom provide direct access to streaming services Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube, Disney+, Tubi and Peacock. In addition, a Google Assistant button on the top allows you to speak commands directly into the remote for advanced features like content search.

Hisense U8H review: Display

On the U8H, Hisense uses the Google TV smart TV platform, which includes a plethora of apps and features. Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV+, Disney+, HBO Max, Hulu, Netflix, Sling TV, Twitch, and YouTube are among the major video streaming services available. This platform supports Google Cast, which allows you to stream content from your Android phone or Chrome tab. An October update will include the same Apple AirPlay connectivity features as the Hisense U6H.

Google TV also grants access to Google Assistant, and the U8H has far-field microphones for hands-free operation. You can summon the voice service by simply saying, “Hey, Google,” as you would with a smart display. Google Assistant can be used to look up content, control your TV and any compatible smart home devices on your network, and search for general information such as weather reports and sports scores.

Hisense U8H review: Performance

Hisense’s TV includes Google’s main hub interface, which provides a slew of streaming options on the home screen, including promoted shows, films, and all of my favourite apps like Netflix, YouTube, and Prime Video. After I’d finished watching some shows and movies on various platforms, the home hub pulled them from the apps and thoughtfully displayed them on the home page for future viewing.

However, not all of my shows were shown, and it took a few viewings for me to figure out why. Because the interface confused my household’s Netflix profiles, the U8H TV simply did not display all of the shows that my household was watching across different profiles. In the grand scheme of things, it’s a minor annoyance, but it is one. There were a few ads below my “Continue watching” section that I found annoying at best.

Hisense U8H review: Sound Quality

The onboard sound system in the Hisense U8H is far more robust than that found in most TVs, and as a result, the U8H does indeed sound better than most TVs. In fact, it sounds quite tasty But I’d still get a soundbar. This television deserves sound as good as its picture.The sound quality of the U8H is best described as “meaty.” The built-in subwoofer on the back of the TV adds depth and punch to the sound, giving it more presence than TVs that try to squeeze any amount of bass out of two tiny speakers buried at the bottom of the TV cabinet.

we also believe the U8H has a decent stereo field on occasion, with sound effects coming from well beyond the TV’s borders. It easily ranks in the 90th percentile for TV sound. However, because the picture is so good, we believe the sound should be at least as good, if not better. As a result, we recommend a soundbar. However, we believe that most users will be impressed by the TV’s onboard audio.

Hisense U8H review: Price

Hisense is well-known for producing low-cost televisions, but a low price does not always imply a good value. The U8H is an excellent overall value thanks to its powerful brightness and overall very good picture quality, strong feature set including broad support for next-generation gaming consoles, and low price.

Is the Hisense U8H the best value on the market? At a lower price, Vizio’s M-Series QX TVs provide nearly identical performance (though with lower brightness from a standard LED backlight rather than a mini-LED). TCL’s 6-Series mini-LED-backlit TVs are also less expensive than Hisense’s, though their performance lags behind the U8H series and they lack gaming features.

Most OLED TVs with the same screen size will cost roughly twice as much as the U8H and have significantly lower picture brightness. If that particular feature is important to you, the value proposition of Hisense’s U8H will be irresistible.

Final words

Hisense’s 65-inch U8H 4K TV has enough advantages to make the flaws worthwhile. If you live in a smaller apartment or have a direct line of sight to the display, it’s a great option that can save you thousands of dollars, especially when compared to more expensive options. Those looking for a mid-range TV with a great picture and/or who want to stay in Google’s smart home ecosystem should look into the U8H line. It’s also ideal for gamers who want a smooth, lag-free, and tear-free gaming experience.

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Hisense's 65-inch U8H 4K TV has enough advantages to compensate for its shortcomings. If you live in a smaller apartment or have a direct line of sight to the screen, this is a great option that can save you thousands, especially compared to more expensive options.Hisense U8H review