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It is an excellent option for new websites that want a quality hosting service at an affordable price. Hostinger is also an excellent option for high-traffic sites that want to scale without switching providers.

The term Hostinger is growing in popularity in the WordPress hosting sector. They provide reliable website hosting, round-the-clock live chat service, and economical hosting. Automatic 1-click WordPress installation, managed automatic updates, improved security, a free CDN, WordPress performance acceleration, and a free site migration are all included with Hostinger. With a choice of 7 data centers in the USA, Europe, Asia, and South America, they also provide geolocation-specific hosting. In 178 nations, web Hosting service to over 29 million subscribers.

About Hostinger

Although Hostinger was established in 2011, their history dates back to 2004. The people behind Hostinger started out as a little web hosting business in Kaunas, Lithuania, and have since launched a number of web hosting brands.

They were able to leverage this experience to develop the technology and knowledge they today employ at They are one of the fastest-growing web hosting companies today, with over 24 million users and registering more than 15,000 new subscribers every day.

Hosting Plans and Features

In addition, you need to evaluate the features of each hosting plan. Here is a list of the features that each of Hostinger’s hosting plans includes, except for the limitations of each one. In addition, with each package you receive access to their unique hosting control panel.

This cPanel replacement, known as hpanel, offers all the features typical of cPanel hosting companies. A variety of cutting-edge applications and tools are included in Hostinger’s premium shared hosting. Cache optimization, drag-and-drop file management, PHP manager, and security features are all included.


Hostinger offers shared hosting, VPS hosting, cloud services and even specialized hosting options such as WordPress hosting, cPanel hosting and so on. When choosing a hosting provider, you should carefully consider your needs, as well as the package price and feature set.

In this way you avoid paying for a plan that supports 25,000 monthly visitors and allows you to deploy many websites when in fact you only need one that receives about 8,000 visits per month. If you choose a four-year subscription, you can start using the Single Shared hosting plan for only $1.39 per month. When you consider that the subscription offers 30 GB of storage space in addition to weekly backups, this is a great deal.

Easy to Use

You can find everything you require on Hostinger’s sleek, user-friendly design. As a result, you can manage your domains, watch logins, update billing information, and keep an eye on emails all from your dashboard.

Although the control panel isn’t a standard cPanel, the large icons make it easy to locate the exact item you need at any given time. Although some more experienced users might miss cPanel, this version is excellent for novices who are still getting used to it and need to get a website up and running.

Easy interface

Even if you’ve never managed a website or hosted a website before, the Hostinger administration dashboard is incredibly simple to use. Everything is neatly labeled, making it simple for you to locate what you need. From here, you may also access any installed applications, including WordPress.

You may easily update your email preferences, change your domain, upgrade your package, and change your usage with Hostinger. To determine whether the plan you’re currently subscribed to matches your website’s needs, you may also examine your usage statistics. The UI on Hostinger is simple, however it’s not flawless. However, I’ll go into more depth about this in a moment.

Support and Customer Service

A web host’s customer service may make or destroy them. You could lose out on a lot of purchases if your website is down for some reason and you can’t contact customer service right away. Hostinger doesn’t let you down. The business offers live chat, a multilingual customer care staff, and Intercom has been incorporated as their primary support system.

However, you can only access live chat if you are registered into a Hostinger account. Although we appreciate that Hostinger offers live chat, it would be more logical if they made it available to everyone. The live chat is really simple to access. As soon as you log in, an icon appears in the bottom right corner of the page.


Above all, the efficiency of a web host’s servers is a benchmark. After all, a fast website is essential to provide visitors with a good user experience (UX) and reduce the bounce rate. Fortunately, Hostinger offers the following performance-focused features: Solid State Drive (SSD) hardware, 99.9% guaranteed uptime, integrated cache manager.

In addition, unlike many other hosting companies, Hostinger makes server performance data available to the public. These contain uptime information for the previous day, week, and month. The time a server is fully operational and online is indicated by its uptime. In general, you want to be as regular and close to 100% as possible. Forty-five minutes per month is equivalent to 1% downtime.

Stress Test Results

The next thing we wanted to check was how Hostinger handled peak website traffic. We employed a device called K6 to measure this (formerly called Load Impact). To test how the server would respond to increased requests from numerous connections running at once, we gradually increased the number of simultaneous visitors up to 100 unique visitors.

The green line shows the number of users on the site, while the blue line shows how long it takes for the page to load. As you can see from the results, Hostinger did very well on this test. Response time remained constant as the number of virtual users rose. This means that if you have a website for a small business, an online shop, or a developing blog, your website can easily withstand unexpected traffic spikes.

Speed Test

Of course, it is also useful to know real-world performance. For this purpose, we can use Pingdom to examine page load times under stress and Load Impact to measure page speed. The averages of three tests of each site are shown in the following results:

  • 0.81 seconds in Washington, D.C.
  • Los Angeles: 1.12 seconds
  • 0.54 seconds in London
  • 2.49 seconds in Sydney
  • Japanese: 1.57 seconds

These results are generally quite favorable. Your page should load in less than two seconds, according to best practices. The bounce rate can be negatively affected by a longer time. These results show that Hostinger’s servers perform excellently in London and both countries in the United States.

Money-back Guarantee

Within 30 days of signing up, you have the option to get your money back if you’re not satisfied with the web hosting services provided by Hostinger. This should be an excellent offer for you if you’re on the fence. In essence, you are receiving free hosting for 30 days.

The industry standard for web hosting promises is approximately 30 days. Most providers will give you at least this amount of time to alter your mind and receive a refund. The money-back guarantee offered by Hostinger is respectable, but it isn’t as generous as some of the other web providers out there. I’ll go into more depth about this shortly.

Smallest Cost Plan

Although the most affordable plan from Hostinger is extraordinarily cheap, closer examination reveals that it is somewhat constrained. For instance, their Single Shared Plan does not offer a domain name. It has been industry norm for other hosts to include a free domain name in each of their plans; you should expect to receive one at least for the first year.

Additionally, the usage of Hostinger’s cheapest plan’s storage (30 GB) and bandwidth (100 GB) is constrained. This should be sufficient if you only have a tiny hobby website; but, if you currently have a larger website, you should choose one of their more expensive plans.

Final Words

Overall, Hostinger is a solid option for both seasoned and inexperienced WordPress developers. Fast speeds and skilled customer service are available. Although its general performance is strong, you could occasionally see performance blips on busy websites.

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Editorial Staff
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Hostinger is a solid option for both experienced and inexperienced WordPress developers. High speeds and knowledgeable customer service are available.Hostinger review