HP Envy 16 review

The HP Envy 16 is a great laptop computer with a fantastic display and great power. HP sells the Envy 16 at several retailers. Some configurations may not be available, depending on where you buy it.

The Envy 16 replaces last year’s 15.6-inch Envy and moves to a new 16-inch form factor with the latest 12th generation Intel CPUs and discrete graphics options from Nvidia and Intel. Unlike the less expensive Pavilion series, the Envy series houses high-end prosumer models with generally higher performance, less plastic and better build quality. Our particular configuration is a high-end SKU with Core i7-12700H, GeForce RTX 3060 and 2400p OLED touchscreen for about $1,700.

Other configurations are available with the slower Core i5-12500H, faster i9-12900H, Intel Arc A370M graphics or 1600p IPS display, with prices ranging from $1180 to $2380. The laptop, which follows last year’s HP Envy 15.6, is aimed primarily at creators such as video editors or photographers. However, it also has a bit of everything the average person might want in a laptop for gaming, productivity and content consumption.


Made of recycled aluminum, the design of the HP Envy 16 combines an incredibly refined look with solid construction. Overall, this laptop has a premium feel. This does not mean that functionality is put on the back burner. Port placement is well done. On the left side are a USB-A with a latch that must be pulled down to connect anything, a 3.5 mm audio jack, and a microSD card reader. The power jack, single USB-A, HDMI 2.1 port, and two USB-C Thunderbolt 4 ports are on the right.

They are more than enough for photo and video editors or for those who want to play games in a hotel room. HDR capabilities are also well implemented. This means that watching Netflix or YouTube videos in 4K becomes a visually luxurious experience. The same goes for games such as Rollerdrome and Dirt 5, which can handle 4K resolutions with a few tweaks to the graphics settings.

Keyboard and Touchpad

The touchpad is disappointing in that it seems there would have been room for a larger version. It was reliable in supporting Windows 11 multitouch gestures and its click was safe and quiet, but HP could have included a considerably larger touchpad. The OLED display has multitouch support, and this was welcome. The large chassis offers another advantage, particularly a spacious keyboard with large key covers, although it is flanked on each side by a speaker grille.

This is also the result of HP’s exclusion of the numeric keypad, which most buyers will probably not miss. The keyboard switching mechanism is not as precise as that of the Spectre line, with ample travel and light touch, but not as snappy. This is a comfortable keyboard that is only a step down from the best.


Three display variants are available, all 16 inches. There is an OLED option with 3840 x 2400 resolution, or two WQXGA models with 2560 x 1600 resolution. Unlike the OLED model, the latter two have a refresh rate of 120 Hz, but all three options achieve a brightness of 400 nits and offer 100 percent coverage of the sRGB gamut, according to HP. So it is good to see that HP has again included an OLED option in the Envy 16.

Last year’s 15.6-inch Envy also had one, so it is not new, but there is one thing that is new about this year’s model. Because of the Envy 16’s new 16:10 aspect ratio, there is more room to see things and content looks even better. Content looks much more vivid and alive than on a traditional laptop with an LCD panel. You’ll want to work on this laptop every day, just like I did. In laptops, OLED displays like this one allow for truer blacks and more vivid colors.


The quad speakers offer great audio quality, with clear mids and highs and more bass than usual. The only problem is the volume: the Envy 16 does not get very loud. The audio is great for watching Netflix alone, but if you want to entertain a group, you need Bluetooth speakers. Music sounds good, but again the volume is a hindrance. If you like listening to tunes at full volume, you will need a good pair of headphones. The Dell XPS 15 offers equally good audio, but at a much higher volume.


Graphics performance is about 5% lower than the average of laptops in our database equipped with the same GeForce RTX 3060. The deficit is small enough that users are unlikely to notice. By switching from the lower-performing Arc A370M option to the GeForce RTX 3060, users will get twice the graphics performance. Using Balanced mode instead of Performance mode reduces graphics performance by 6 percent in the face of much quieter fans, as illustrated in our section on system noise.


The HP Envy 16 will appeal to members of the creative economy who need to be able to edit photos and videos on the go or perform other tasks such as creating a small indie game. When it comes to Adobe Suite, the laptop should be considered. Photoshop works well even with a high layer load, as well as with high-resolution photos. The same goes for Premiere Pro.

Multiple video and audio layers for 10-minute 4K videos were exported fairly quickly. Having 100% of Adobe’s color gamut available allows creators to see every single detail of an image, and the additional performance makes these tasks a breeze. Gaming may not perform as well as the creative front, but the HP Envy 16 is more than up to the task. Considering that the integrated RTX 3060 GPU has about 6 GB of dedicated video RAM, the laptop probably won’t take full advantage of its 4K screen for games with higher visual fidelity.

Battery Life and Heat

Considering the sleek, portable design and performance specifications, the HP Envy 16 consumes a lot of power. This means that battery life is not ideal. General laptop use with average volume and screen brightness can make the Envy 16 last for about 8 hours. Through our video loop test, we were able to get 6 1/2 hours out of the laptop, while the PC Mark 10 battery test provided 8 hours and 20 minutes.

In addition to Windows 11 settings, HP also has the Command Center application to optimize battery life. Surface temperatures are quite high even when the computer is idling with no applications running. Hot spots under these conditions can reach 33 C on both the top and bottom, compared to only 26 C on the ThinkBook 16 G4. If high loads are used, these same areas can reach over 45 C. The handhelds remain relatively cool, but the bottom can be uncomfortable on the skin.

Configuration Options

HP sells the Envy 16 at several retailers. Some configurations may not be available, depending on the outlet. The low-end version of the HP Envy 16 starts at $1,400, at HP.com. This price gets the 12th generation Intel Core i5 H-series processor, Intel A370M Arc graphics, a standard 16-inch UHD+ display with 120 Hz refresh rate, 16 GB of RAM, and a 512 GB SSD. On the HP website it is often down to $1,180.

The model HP sent me has a regular price of $1,809, but it is currently on sale for $1,700. If you really want a lot of power, you can up the specs on this machine to a Core i9-12900H processor, with the Nvidia RTX 3060 graphics, 32 GB of RAM, a 2 TB SSD drive, and a 120 Hz WQXGA panel.

Final Words

The Envy 16 is obviously faster than the old Envy 15, but some of the drawbacks mentioned for the Envy 15 have not yet been solved. There are many improvements, such as the webcam, speakers, wireless, clickpad size, and battery life, but other aspects such as noisy fans, no Kensington lock, spongy clickpad, and relatively weak hinges have not improved this year.

Improving these weak areas would have helped strengthen the Envy 16 against competitors such as the MacBook Pro 16 or the Dell Inspiron 16 Plus. The system is also one of the largest and heaviest 16-inch laptops on the market, which could discourage travelers and students.

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The design of the HP Envy 16 combines an incredibly refined look with solid construction. The touchpad is disappointing in that it looks like there would have been room for a larger version.HP Envy 16 review