IntelliJ IDEA review 2024: to boost your workflow

IntelliJ has a very good code analyzer that is used to evaluate code execution and detect errors.

The JetBrains company makes IntelliJ IDEA, which is an integrated development environment (IDE). IntelliJ IDEA is mostly used for developing in Java, but it also works with a lot of other programming languages and has a lot of features that make developers more productive, like code completion, static code analysis, and more. It saves time and energy by taking care of repetitive tasks, so developers can focus on the creative side of making software.

IntelliJ IDEA: Description

When it comes to the ever-changing landscape of software development, the selection of an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is a crucial factor in determining the level of productivity and creativity that developers are capable of possessing.

In comparison to the plethora of options that are available, IntelliJ IDEA stands out as a formidable option that is highly regarded for its powerful features and intelligent capabilities. One of the things that sets IntelliJ IDEA apart from other similar products is its dedication to improving the developer experience by providing a user-friendly interface and cutting-edge functionalities.

IntelliJ IDEA: Pricing

IntelliJ IDEA

IntelliJ IDEA has a range of flexible pricing plans for both individuals and businesses. The IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate licence for businesses costs $599 per user for the first year. After that, the price drops to $479 and then $359 per year. In the first year, the complete All Products Pack with 16 programmer tools costs $779 per user. In the second and third years, the price drops to $623 and $467, respectively. People can buy an IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate licence for $169 for the first year.

After that, it costs $135 and then $101 each year after that. For one person, the All Products Pack costs $289 for the first year, $231 for the second, and $173 for the third. There are special deals like a 90-day free trial and free access for students, teachers, coding bootcamps, and open-source projects. Educational institutions and startups can also get a 50% discount.

Key Features Table

If you want to use an IDE for Java or another language, IntelliJ IDEA is the best among them. Its powerful features, smart code assistance, and smooth integration with popular frameworks make developers more productive. It’s a popular choice because it’s easy to use and has powerful debugging tools that make it a great place to code.

Intelligent Code AssistanceSmart code completion, code analysis, and error highlighting
Powerful Refactoring ToolsQuick and safe code refactoring
Built-in Version ControlSeamless integration with Git, SVN, and other VCS systems
DebuggerAdvanced debugging capabilities with inline variable values
Code InspectionsDetects and suggests fixes for code issues
Test RunnerSupport for various testing frameworks and test creation
Maven and Gradle SupportBuilt-in support for popular build tools
Spring Framework IntegrationComprehensive support for Spring development
Database ToolsDatabase integration with SQL and database tools
User Interface DesignerGUI designer for Swing and JavaFX applications
Kotlin SupportFirst-class support for the Kotlin programming language
Plugins and ExtensionsExtensibility through a wide range of plugins
Code TemplatesCustomizable code templates for faster development
Project NavigationEfficient project navigation and search capabilities
Code VersioningVisual history, annotations, and other version control tools
Code Quality ToolsIntegration with code quality and inspection tools
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User Interface and User Experience (UI/UX)

IntelliJ IDEA

The UI/UX of an IDE has a big effect on how a developer works. The clean, easy-to-use interface of IntelliJ IDEA makes it great at this. There is good organisation in the layout, making it easy to get to different tools without being too much for the user. The dark theme, which is popular among developers, looks good and keeps your eyes from getting tired while you code for long periods of time.

The responsiveness of the user interface is another smart design choice that makes sure the experience is smooth even when working with big codebases. The IDE can be customised to fit each person’s needs thanks to panels that can be changed and a lot of keyboard shortcuts. This makes for a more personalised and productive work environment.

Code Editing and Navigation

When it comes to editing code and navigating, IntelliJ IDEA is the best. It gives developers a smooth and productive environment. It greatly speeds up coding tasks with intelligent code completion that is based on advanced analysis of the project’s context. The IDE’s powerful refactoring tools make it easier to maintain code and make it easier to restructure without affecting reliability.

With smart navigation tools like “Go to Definition” and “Find Usages,” developers can easily move around codebases, which makes them more productive overall. Also, IntelliJ IDEA’s easy-to-use code inspections and error highlighting help find problems quickly and fix them. The IDE is very flexible because it works with many languages and frameworks. This makes it a great choice for developers who want a strong, feature-rich environment for editing code and navigating.

Code Assistance and Intelligent Coding

The unrivalled code assistance that IntelliJ IDEA provides is one of the programmes’ most notable characteristics. Integrated development environment (IDE) performs real-time code analysis, providing intelligent suggestions and warnings. Notable examples of this include context-aware code completion, quick fixes, and intelligent intentions, all of which are designed to help developers write code that is cleaner and more efficient.

Developers are able to identify and correct errors at an earlier stage in the development process thanks to the built-in code analysis tools, which provide insights into potential problems. Providing support for a wide range of programming languages, such as Java, Kotlin, Groovy, and Scala, demonstrates the adaptability of IntelliJ IDEA in meeting the requirements of a wide variety of development projects.

Built-in Tools and Plugins

IntelliJ IDEA is equipped with a comprehensive set of integrated tools that cover the entire development cycle. From project management to testing and deployment, the IDE streamlines various tasks and reduces the need for external tools. The built-in terminal makes it easy to interact with the command line without leaving the IDE, adding to the overall convenience.

In addition, support for plugins extends the functionality of IntelliJ IDEA. The JetBrains Marketplace hosts a wealth of community-contributed plugins that allow developers to customize their IDE to their specific needs. Whether it’s integrating with build tools, connecting to databases or improving code quality, the plugin ecosystem greatly expands the capabilities of the IDE.

Integration with Version Control Systems

IntelliJ IDEA

Version control that works well is an important part of collaborative development, and IntelliJ IDEA works well with well-known VCSs like Git. The VCS integration isn’t just an extra; it’s an important part of how the IDE works. Version control is easier to understand when changes to code, branches, and merges are shown visually.

The integrated development environment (IDE) lets you directly commit changes, handle conflicts, and keep track of branches. This tight integration makes it easier for teams to work together, and it lets developers focus on writing code instead of switching between outside tools.

Performance and Resource Utilization

Performance is very important for developers, especially when they have to work with big codebases. IntelliJ IDEA is designed to work as quickly and efficiently as possible, with a balance between powerful features and low resource usage. Some IDEs have slow indexing processes, but this one is incredibly fast, making it easy to search and move around in code.

IntelliJ IDEA does a great job of managing memory, which keeps the IDE responsive even when it’s working on tasks that use a lot of resources. The well-thought-out design not only has less of an effect on system resources, but it also makes development run more smoothly overall.

Community and Support

A lively and helpful community can make the development experience a lot better. A big community of developers who use IntelliJ IDEA is helpful. Online forums, discussion groups, and community-made plugins make an environment where developers can work together to get help, share information, and make the IDE better. When JetBrains officially backs up IntelliJ IDEA, it makes it even more reliable.

Developers have the tools they need to deal with problems thanks to regular updates, bug fixes, and helpful customer service. IntelliJ IDEA is a good choice for developers of all skill levels because it has both community-driven collaboration and official support.


  • Powerful Coding Assistance
  • Advanced Refactoring Tools
  • Extensive Language Support
  • Smart Code Navigation


  • Resource Intensive
  • Learning Curve
  • Heavy Initial Load

Final Words

IntelliJ IDEA epitomises intelligent development environments. Developers across domains choose it for its intuitive UI/UX, powerful code editing and navigation features, intelligent coding assistance, built-in tools, seamless VCS integration, optimal performance, vibrant community, and regular updates.

IntelliJ IDEA’s versatility and user-friendliness meet the needs of both experienced developers working on complex enterprise projects and novice coders. Continuous improvement and community engagement make it an integrated development environment leader. IntelliJ IDEA shows the power of intelligent coding environments by meeting and exceeding modern software development requirements.

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IntelliJ IDEA shines as a powerful and intuitive IDE. Code completion and refactoring are masterful and increase productivity. The clear user interface and extensive plugin ecosystem allow you to customize your workflow. The Ultimate edition unlocks the web and DB tools, but the Community edition is sufficient for most. The high memory requirements can slow down older computers, but the range of functions surpasses many competitors. If you value efficiency and elegance, IntelliJ IDEA is worth the investment.IntelliJ IDEA review 2024: to boost your workflow