Keychron M3 review (2023) a wider range of tracking speeds

The Keychron M3 is an excellent gaming mouse for its money.

Companies are coming up with some cool designs for gaming mice in order to make them as unique as possible. But having a strange design doesn’t always mean that it will work better. Keychron M3, on the other hand, has added simple but stylish devices to its latest line of peripherals. This is great news for gamers because it shows that Keychron values functionality over showiness you can buy this mouse directly from Keychron’s website.

Keychron M3: Description

In fact, Keychron’s gear is really hot right now because it focuses on the timeless basics, the features that every gamer knows will make them better. Keychron is known for making high-quality mechanical keyboards, but it has also started making other accessories, like the wired M1 mouse, in recent years. Now, Keychron has a new wireless mouse called the M3. It’s a nice addition to the company’s lineup and a great alternative to Apple’s Magic Mouse.

The M3 was designed for PC gaming, but it can also be used on a Mac without any big problems. Unlike the Magic Mouse, the M3 has a simple, white or black design that looks like many other third-party computer mice.

The M3’s higher profile makes it easier for me to hold than the Magic Mouse, but if you like the way the Magic Mouse looks, you probably won’t like the M3. The Keychron M3 mouse is pretty light and can be fully customized, including the LED lights. It also has external DPI and polling rate buttons that let you change DPI and polling rate without having to use software. The outside and body are made of ABS.

Pros and Cons


  • Very fast and precise 26,000 DPI sensor
  • Well-proportioned and very comfortable
  • The quickest buttons we have ever used


  • Software utility is not available until June
  • An Apple user will have to wait for the software app.
  • Finding the M3 at the biggest online retailers was hard.

Keychron M3: Features


  • Peak Performance For Every Scenario
  • Super Lightweight at Only 79g
  • Up To 70 Hours
  • Kailh G Master Micro Switch

Keychron M3: Design

Keychron M3 review

The Keychron M3 Wireless Mouse weighs 79 grammes and has a curved shape that makes it easy to hold with your thumb and ring finger. The mouse is easy to hold and doesn’t make your hand hurt after you use it for a long time. Around the plastic body and between the scroll wheel are RGB lights that can make 16.5 million different colors. Under the scroll wheel, there is a middle button that lets you turn the RGB lights on and off and see the different options for the different colors.

With the RGB lights off and the M3 Wireless Mouse in wired mode, the 600mAH battery inside can last for 70 hours, or the mouse can last for 15 hours (with the RGB lights on and using the mouse wirelessly). It is also rated for 80 million clicks over the course of its life.

There are two buttons on the left side of the mouse, where your thumb is. Even though the user manual doesn’t say what these two buttons are for, clicking a link with one of them on a Mac. The Keychron Engine lets you change how the buttons and RGB lights look, but right now it’s only for PC. In June, a version of the app for Macs is expected to come out. The M3 Wireless Mouse has three buttons on the bottom that let you change how the mouse works and customize it.

Keychron M3: Software

Keychron M3 review

Keychron has software for Windows 11 and 10, and it plans to have software for MAC by June 2023. With the software, you can change almost everything about this mouse, from how it works to what colours the LEDs show. You can only use the software if you connect with the 2.4 GHz wireless dongle. It won’t work if you connect it through Bluetooth.

RGB lighting

The Keychron Q3 has to have RGB lighting that can be changed, of course. By default, you can use FN key combinations to switch between quite a few effects, change how bright the lighting is, speed up or slow down the effects, or turn off the lighting completely.

Everything you could want is here, from colours that stay the same to wave effects to reactive effects. The maker says that an Arm Cortex-M4 32-bit STM32L432 processor is used, which is supposed to be very power-efficient. It’s hard to tell if this is true and how much energy it saves. But it doesn’t matter much because you can’t use the keyboard wirelessly anyway.

Keychron M3: Performance

Keychron M3 review

The M3 has a PAW3395, a perfect sensor made by PixArt that is often talked about on Reddit and other gaming forums as one of the best out there. When you look at what it has, you can see why. I have to say, I couldn’t wait to try it out. In short, it can track at 650 IPS and has a maximum resolution of 26,000 DPI (inches per second). Gamers will love that the top acceleration is 50g, that the polling rate is 1,000ms, and that the lift-off distance can be changed from 1 to 2mm.

Overall, I thought it did a great job. It was smoother and easier to use than sensors like the PixArt PAW3370 and PAW3335. If you take pride in hitting small targets, this will definitely make your gaming even more precise. It didn’t lag at all when I did things like spin around to catch enemies behind me or zoom my cursor up to catch snipers camping in the worst spots.

It also didn’t lag at all when I tried to do just about anything else. In fact, it’s so fast that it feels like your crosshairs arrive before your brain even knows what you’re doing. This means there’s a lot of room to improve your responsiveness, especially in games like Fortnite and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II, where microseconds can make a big difference.

The buttons also feel very light and move very quickly, which is scary. They will both test your reflexes and speed, and it seems like the only limit is how quickly you can trigger them. They have Kailh G Master 8.0 Micro Switches that can handle up to 80 million clicks. This is a mouse that will last you a very long time, no matter how much gaming you do every day.

Final Words

The M3 Wireless Mouse is a lot cheaper than Apple’s Magic Mouse, and it has more features: a wider range of tracking speeds, Bluetooth or 2.4GHz wireless connectivity, wired connectivity so you can still use the mouse, and a comfortable fit. It doesn’t look as cool as the Magic Mouse, but it does more. There are other mice with more features that cost a bit more, but the M3 is a pretty good deal overall.


Does Keychron have a mouse?

The Keychron M3 is a wireless optical mouse that is very light and only weighs 79g. The most advanced optical sensor is the 3395, which has a DPI of up to 26,000 and a polling rate of up to 1,000 Hz.

What is special about Keychron?

Keychron makes a few mechanical keyboards for the office that can be used with a mouse. Their models come in different sizes, and their switches, backlighting, connections, and even frames can be changed in many ways.

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The Keychron M3 redefines wireless gaming mice by being ultra-light, very powerful, and most importantly, extremely affordable. It comes with everything you need for a seamless connection.Keychron M3 review (2023) a wider range of tracking speeds